Finding the perfect way to end those summer blues? Get a music box subscription.

Even though the heat is far from leaving Tennessee, the post-summer blues are starting to sink in. I often find myself grazing over the end-of-season sales and mindlessly shopping to remedy the last days of my favorite time of year.

Instead, I have decided to do something more intentional with my spending and get myself (or my friends) the gift that continues to give: a music subscription box.

In true millennial form, we have created an entire market of monthly subscriptions to sample new products. It’s the perfect way to try out many different things compacted into one monthly box, typically for a reasonable price. Honestly, I have continued to grow my monthly subscription budget over the past year…I blame Netflix for starting the domino effect.

There is something quite thrilling about getting a package in the mail…ripping off the seal and breaking into its contents could become a sport. That’s why signing up for these monthly subscriptions is like getting a little taste of Christmas nostalgia all year round.

Here are my top music box subscriptions:

  1. Magnolia Record Club: Drew Holcomb started this amazing vinyl subscription service with the intentional collector in mind. For $25, you get a hand-picked vinyl and a note from Drew Holcomb. It’s the perfect way to slowly build a collection and discover new music (the old fashioned way)!
  2. The Music Box: This box is for the die-hard indie/rock music fan. This box includes hard and digital copies of a vinyl, stickers, candy, and other goodies, depending on your subscription level (ranging from $5-$15). The cool part about this box is that each month a portion of the proceeds are used to support the featured artist of that month.
  3. Stylus: This UK-based company matches wine with vinyl…need I say more? With this subscription, you get a vinyl, a special-edition art print, a Stylus magazine, and a bottle of wine every month! This one is a little more on the pricey side, at 35 euro/month, but totally worth it. They have already hit the ground running this year by putting out some classic records like Purple Rain and Rumors.
  4. Vinyl Me, Please: This subscription comes with plenty of amenities. The website is packed with great articles and playlists to get your music knowledge in tip-top shape. The boxes average about $30/month which includes a record of the month, a custom art print, access to products online, and a custom cocktail recipe. I mean, who doesn’t need a little vinyl to go with a fresh cocktail?

The best part about each of these subscriptions is that you can gift a month to a friend. Each month is a new opportunity to discover your next favorite band (or wine). The variety is a perfect way to get out of a music rut and branch out from the same playlist you’ve been rocking all summer.

These carefully curated boxes are the perfect way to top off the summer. Why not treat yo’ self?!