As a hairstylist, I am constantly asked what the best hot tools are. Which ones are worth the money? Which ones work the best? My first recommendation is always and will probably forever be GHD hot tools. They have given me every reason to insert all the praise hand emojis!

The Flatiron GHD Platinum Styler is hands down the best straightener. I recommend this straightener because it helps reduce the excess damage caused by hair that is overly exposed to heat. This straightener is designed to work at a precise temperature that aids in protecting the hair. This straightener was also made rounded on the edges, which allows it to work as a curling iron as well. By twisting the hair that is in the ceramic blades, you can form a bouncy curl that can be tousled for a more casual look or left in its original shape for hair that doesn’t hold curl well. So for $249, you can have a straightener as well as a curling iron in one.

The Blow-Dryer GHD Air Hairdryer is a professional model style that has a salon-quality motor that drys the hair faster. Another advantage to this particular blow dryer is that while the hair is being dried faster than normal, it is also designed with ion technology that fights frizz and provides a softer, shinier, silkier result. This blow dryer has a quiet motor and a long cord for extra reach. Enjoy setting the temperature to cold or hot, and adjusting the speed as you wish. This blow dryer is well worth every bit of $199.

If you love GHD products just as much as me, celebrate them with me: Leave a comment letting me know your thoughts and experiences!