Is your “sunbathing” time limited due to extended work hours and busy weekends? Well, follow my lead. Sunless tanning without the streaks, without the discolored hands, and without the orange skin tone. Yup, all of this IS possible from a sunless tanner. My all-time, go to, miracle working product, ‘Rodan and Fields Sunless Tan.’ This heaven sent product is for people like me who are lacking in the Vitamin D category but want to convince everyone we have a beautiful, sun-kissed glow.

How it works: The product comes out in a foam consistency. This makes it easy to apply and doesn’t leave your skin feeling thick with coats of lotion on it. The foam absorbs into your skin immediately and gives you immediate results.

How much of the product do you need to use: Obviously the results vary based on natural skin tone and your desired results. If you are seeking a nice, natural looking sun-kissed glow, I recommend applying two pumps to each arm, two pumps to each leg, and one pump everywhere else. If you are wanting a little more dramatic or maybe even the same dramatic effect as a spray tan, try using three pumps for each arm, three or four on each leg, and two or three everywhere else. My recommendation is to start with two and build from there. The results are consistently immediate, so it’s better to play it safe than sorry. If for any reason the color gets too dark for your liking, use a scrub and exfoliate your skin in the shower. The tan will not completely disappear, but you will have tamed the tone.

How to properly wash your hands after product application: Immediately after applying the foam tanner, you will want to wash your hands. When I begin washing my hands, I first scrub in-between my fingers and around my knuckles, I then lather the soap around my finger tips and finger nails. When you move up the hand towards your wrist, make sure you are not scrubbing, that you are just gently washing. You do not want tan arms, and white hands – total give away. When I am done rinsing my hands, I BLOT my hands with a towel. Do NOT aggressively dry your hands. Blotting around your wrist will allow the color to stick but diffusing its intensity.

Make sure to rub the product in good. Trust me, it’s easy, and if you use it right you’ll be just like me buying three bottles at a time! Hello golden tan, bye-bye Casper white.