Ruffles are that feel good style. They scream fun, flirty, and normally have a whimsy about them that can pull out a smile. Thinking about wearing ruffles gets me giddy, which is a big change from the bitterness I had for the style after being forced into them throughout my childhood. For many, like myself, it brings back memories of mom dressing us in the most dramatic of outfits, usually made of ruffles. Fortunately, I have faith that the ruffle trend can change any past trauma you may have. With so many amazing new styles to try, I’m sharing some of my favorite ways to wear them.

Add elegance to a night out. Don’t judge them only to be your daytime go-to. Their flirty and fun, but can also be elegant. They can give a “pulled together” allusion and often add a flare to most run of the mill looks. Heading out for the night? Whether it’s a date or a fun girl’s outing, try working in some ruffles. They don’t have to cover you from head to toe, but try something bold, like ruffle sleeves to create a dramatic effect. If that’s too much, start small with a ruffle along the seam of your shirt for flirty style without feeling like you’re in too deep.

Pop some fun into a casual look. Ruffles can completely change an outfit, not to mention they’re pleasing to the eye. They normally flatter most and can be a game changer to your everyday outfits. Causal looks no longer have to try so hard to hit the trends. A little ruffle can go a long way and can be worn as the main focus or an add-on. Underneath a sweater with jeans can keep things simple, where a ruffle-sleeved dress can turn all heads. Don’t shy away from ruffles when it comes to staying causal. You don’t have to be dressing up for them to enhance your outfit.

Frill up for the sun. Ruffles on a bathing suit are my favorite style this season. It’s the cutest way to add flair to your pool or beach wear. A little ruffle over the shoulder or even on your bottoms is sure to flatter your figure under the sun. Try it with pastels for an elegant, yet trendy look for any summertime agenda. Even if ruffles on the bathing suit aren’t your thing, try some on your cover up. You won’t regret it! Whether they are big or small, ruffles are a style choice sure to flatter any look.

Ruffles are here to stay this season, so don’t hold back. From elegant to casual looks, it’s a trend that can pull a look together with minimal effort. You don’t have to be bold to rock ruffles, but you do have to be ready to fall in love. Because once you go ruffles, you never go back.