Live less out of habit

and more out of intent.

When you just read that, did something in your life stick out to you?

It could be anything, like:

…all of the time you spend obsessively checking the notifications that pop-up on your phone.

…or swiping through your Instagram feed, double tap after double tap.

…or watching Netflix and chillin’ all. night. long.

…or picking up your phone to zone-out instead of having awkward silence or possibly talking to strangers (or family, or friends).

…or perusing through the endless array of photos on Pinterest trying to make yourself and your life more amazing. (irony, right?)

…or maybe counting the calories consumed and the calories burned in a day.

All of these things that we do. Habitually. Every day.

But why?

I think we have habits because they’re comfortable.

I think we have habits because they drive our days.

I think we have habits because they are decisions that we can make

without having to do a lot of extra thinking.

I think we have habits because we don’t know what else to do.

I want you to hear something from me right now that could completely change the course of your day, your week, and possibly even your year. The difference-maker when it comes to living a life of habit versus one of intent is one simple thing:


…And, hopefully, you decide to focus on the choices that will take you toward your goals and not away from them.

When we live with intent, we are forced out of the habits that make us mindless (often cranky) robots, and into a space where we get to choose and define our paths. Now, don’t think that if we have habits that we aren’t making decisions, because we are. But we never deviate from the same decisions over and over. Hence, the word “habit.”

  • Intentionality says that we are breaking the line and running to the front.
  • Intentionality says that we get to love ourselves today instead of falling into the rut of believing we aren’t worth it.
  • Intentionality doesn’t step up on that scale to only to be continually frustrated with results that aren’t what we want.
  • Intentionality sets us free.

All that to say, I want so much for you to start to live your every single day with intent instead of droning on in mindless habit. I want you to choose a different path, a healthier path, a path that leads to really great things.

For me, it has become a habit for me to not always get out of my house clothes and look presentable until later in the day because I’m typically at home all morning, sometimes even all day. I don’t like it, and it is not something that is making me feel very good about myself. So, I’m going to begin to be intentional about this one thing…. today. This one choice that I am making toward my goal is to make sure that I am dressed and ready for my day completely by 8am. I will break this habit that is making me feel sloppy and unproductive and I will begin my day with much more intention surrounding my appearance.

WOW… I’m feeling better already, just typing this! *wink

I know that I am not alone in this quest… so what habit would you like to break and be more intentional about? Write it down for yourself. Write it down here. Either way, once you write it down, you are more likely to do something about it. Want extra credit? Tell a friend about what you are intending as well. Adding that extra layer of accountability can really push you forward, faster. So be honest with yourself and just pick one thing, one small, little thing to make an intentional choice about TODAY. A choice that will take you towards where you want to be with that one thing…. not staying stagnant and not going backward. I’d love to hear all about it in a comment below.