I’m not confident in the outcome of trying a new recipe, or when I rode a bike for the first time. I’m also not confident when speaking another language and in meeting people for the first time. Relatable?

What am I confident in?
I am confident that when I make a dentist appointment, it is my appointment and I won’t be sharing it, in my uber driver to come and pick me up, I will always like the smell of fresh coffee beans and always love chocolate.

A small whisper in my head asks again, “Purity, what are you confident in? Are you confident in me?” I wanted to answer God, “Yes of course,” but I took a minute to let the word sink in.
I am challenged by this question by God. I think you could say a routine check was ongoing in my heart (check ups I continuously ask for, in prayers I confidently speak) and something was picked up about where my confidence lies.

Feeling or showing confidence in oneself or one’s abilities or qualities

“Are you confident in me?
That my promise for you still stands, that you are still in my hands, that I hear you and see you and love you, are you confident that I am all present, that I will provide, that your storm is already covered, your desires are covered, your dreams are on their way, that your relationships are safe in my hands. That you will see me do it again in your life – the goodness, the kindness, the love the grace.”
When I lie in bed frustrated at my life, that snippet, that reminder makes itself known. God has given us no reason not to be confident in His ability in our lives…if anything He has confirmed over and over again that being confident in Him is the most right thing. He ever so wants us to be confident Him.

To be confident in his abilities and qualities, His promises, His love, His protection.

I fall into this phase of losing confidence in God, often when I have been hurt or an experience not so heartwarming occurs, as if to blame God for the situation. When really I’m starving my soul of a peaceful life he has offered.

I don’t have a step guide to gaining confidence in God; I’m probably not qualified enough to even talk about it. However, I know it’s important to have confidence in Him. I urge you to desire a confidence in Him like never before, calling out any weaker areas to allow us to build ourselves up, to live a full life in believing in all He is and has for us.

A confidence in Him, not just for your personal expectation, but for the doses of encouragement it passes on to the ones around you.