In the morning we wake up, look in the mirror, and see extreme puffiness and dark circles on steroids. The puffiness often comes from yawning before bed combined with laying flat all night. To avoid these characteristics, you will want to use an eye cream specific for your morning routine and one specific for your evening routine. Sounds annoying, I know, but you will thank me later. Let’s start with our morning routine…

Find an eye cream high in antioxidants to protect your eye area from any environmental free radical damage. Also, search for an eye cream that provides a cooling sensation to the eye area. It will reduce the appearance of puffiness and those deadly morning dark circles. Add vitamin C to the list and you’ll have the alpha eye cream. Vitamin C stimulates collagen and reduces the under eye pigmentation. #WINNING


I am on my way to go grab “Yes to Cucumber Soothing Eye Gel” at the store! I have done my research and this is my next purchase based on the ingredients, the cost, and the convenience of running to Target. I mean who doesn’t want an excuse to go to Target? I also, for over a year now, have alternated my morning routine with Rodan and Fields “Reverse Dual Active Brightening Complex.” The besttttttttt product! It brightens uneven skin tone, has a vitamin C and retinol formula, AND diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Plus, did i mention your skin will feel like butter. 


Now, for babying the eyes before bed. At night, your skin is in its reparative state. With that being said, your skin will love you if you feed it the proper nutrients to cater to its needs. Use a nourishing cream that provides essential hydration to the delicate skin under your eyes. If you are creeping up the number scale, try your best to find one formulated with the highest concentration of wrinkle repairing and firming ingredients. Two ingredients to look for that will help improve and correct the appearance of dryness, fatigue, and expression lines are peptides and antioxidants. Stay away from products with heavy oils, mineral oils, and/or petroleum. These ingredients are too heavy for skin and will tug at the skin and can be deposit into the eye causing harm and irritation. The same type of irritation can come from products with fragrances. Stay away from eye creams with a scent to keep eyes from getting red, watery, and/or irritated.


Isn’t it amazing that when you study the body and what it needs you can find the answer to self preservation? So remember, morning eye cream and night eye cream need to be two separate things. I am apologizing to your bank account in advance, but hey, they usually last you a while and it’s a great investment! Give me your feedback on what products you decided to use and how they are working!


Keep your skin feeling refreshed! Stay young my friends! XoXo


Cliff notes:


Morning eye cream ingredients: antioxidants, vitamin c, cooling sensation

Evening eye cream ingredients: wrinkle repair, skin firming, peptides, antioxidants