Whether you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, creating a budget for your bridal party dresses should be the least of your worries. Unfortunately, when it comes to weddings you find yourself budgeting for anything from travel expenses to how much you’re willing to fork over for attire. The last thing you want is for anything to become a financial burden for the big day. Thankfully, none of it has too, especially when it comes to bridesmaid’s dresses. I’ve listed my top places to search so that your bridal party can look incredible and feel good about the price!

Azazie is a wonderful website geared specifically towards wedding attire. From bridesmaid’s dresses to wedding dresses, they’ve got you covered. The best thing about them is they endless styles that can all be chosen from the same color palate. This gives you the freedom to pick your color and then give your bridesmaids a voice when it comes to style. This is especially helpful when you have bridesmaids with different body types. They’re priced range from $89-$160 so you can choose what works best for your budget. One of the hardest things about buying a bridesmaids dress is the gamble you take when ordering and hoping it fits, but Azazie allows you to return the dress if it just doesn’t work. They also allow you to order a swatch, which is great when using it to make other color decisions for the wedding. They have a video on their site that you can watch to ensure you’re ordering the best size option. Between their pricing and styles, Azazie makes bridesmaids dress shopping easy and effortless!

LuLus also has a great selection if you’re looking for cheap and elegant. Regular online clothing stores are becoming increasingly popular with brides when it comes to finding the right dress for their bridal party. Their styles are classic with most basic colors to choose from. Since it is a normal clothing store, you can return if needed. The best part about lulus is the price point. I’ve seen identical dresses from Nordstrom or other bridesmaid’s dress stores at nearly half the price. When it comes to finding a dress most of your girls will only ever wear once, it may be in your best interest to put everyone’s money elsewhere. Especially with Lulus, their fabric quality is wonderful and you will never know the difference. Sticking with a great style that most girls can feel comfortable in, but also feel good about purchasing is a win for everyone. Don’t discount normal online clothing stores like Lulus when it comes to looking for bridesmaid’s dresses.

Many brides are adopting the idea of choosing a color and letting their bridesmaids buy any dress they want. If done right, you can create a beautiful group of dresses and it is a fun way for your bridesmaids to show their personality. When going this route, you not only give financial freedom but also style freedom. Especially if you have a group with different styles and body types, allowing them to find something on their own can potentially ease the stress of finding the perfect dress and ensuring that everyone will feel comfortable and confident on the big day! While freedom can be wonderful, don’t let go of the reigns completely. Be sure to approve all the dresses beforehand with plenty of time. There’s nothing wrong with making sure your bridesmaids will look beautiful and decreasing the possibility of any surprises. At least not from the bridal party!