In a sea of talented artists and musicians, some dare to band together to push music boundaries.

It’s amazing what an adjective can do…just add the word “super” in front of any word and it is more enticing to the ear.

That’s exactly what happens when you put “super” in front of “group.” It defines the sheer magnitude of how epic a group can be when you combine so many talented artists in one small setting. However, many supergroups are often short-lived and filled with super-egos. Even so, as the collective audience, we cannot help but be thrilled by the thought of these major names in the music industry coming together to create something totally unique.

Probably the most acclaimed supergroups in music history remains Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. Each one found success in their individual bands before coming together as in 1968…Crosby from the Byrds, Stills and Young from Buffalo Springfield and Nash from the Hollies. After finding an incredible chemistry in their harmonies and musical talents, they found a cohesive sound and released their highly praised Déjà Vu album in 1970. The album has since gone over seven times platinum and is famed as one of the greatest albums of all time. While they have the longest supergroup career, they have not remained unscathed by drama and musical differences. However, the music they have created will endure the test of time.


Another notable supergroup is Audioslave, consisting of Chris Cornell (frontman of Soundgarden) and Tom Morello, Tim Commerford and Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine). In the short six years they were together (2001-2007), they managed to acquire three Grammy nominations and released three highly reputable albums. They eventually disbanded due to irresolvable musical differences, but in January of this year, they announced a reunion show that both shocked and ignited fans everywhere. While a reunion tour is still up in the air, their 90’s alternative meets 70’s rock sound will, without a doubt, go down in permanent music history.


Flashback to 2005, to a songwriting supergroup began in Nashville, Tennessee: Ten Out Of Tenn. Without any major label or marketing this artist collective, founded by Trent and Kristen Dabbs, has managed to garner the national attention of many fans and publications. Each artist has a separate successful career, but they gathered together to create pure magic and redefine the classic country sound that has made Nashville famous. Over the past decade, this group of the “Tennessee Ten” has rotated through 27 artists and landed over 500 TV/film placements collectively. Not only are they redefining the “supergroup” title, but this talented group of artists’ are showcasing what true musicianship and collaboration can do for a lasting career in the music industry. You can watch their documentary, Any Day Now, on

Why are supergroups important to know about? In a divisive world, they have managed to build creative unity through their musical differences. The most talented musicians on this planet are the ones that are constantly pushing themselves to be uncomfortable and learn new areas in their craft.

These supergroups bring out the best-of-the-best in the music industry, much to our listening pleasure. There are many more supergroups to check out…do yourself a favor and find your next favorite band!


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