As a style expert, I love finding items that give myself and my client the most bang for our buck. A garment has to fulfill certain criteria for this to happen, and when I find something that works just right, I seem to hang on to it for years AND I wear it with everything.
The classic slip dress is a silhouette that certainly fall into this category for me, and I love getting creative with how I accessorize our Pepper Dress for Spring!


One of my favorite parts about our signature piece from Season is the presto-change-o versatility that comes from such a functional design… Not only are there countless styling options, but it can literally be worn as 5 different pieces (including a top and a skirt!) depending on how you feel like wearing it on any given day.



Here are three fun pairings that are inspired by some upcoming events that I’ll be heading to in the next few weeks. If you happen to be following along with my instagram stories, you know that I had to get creative with my 30-day challenge [happy to share the full display of videos here, link TBD] but I’m excited to try out the combos below!

To the Flea-Market. Strappy leopard flats and a backpack for holding your cash. Add a denim jacket for chilly mornings, and sunnies for when the clouds burn off.

To Easter Brunch. Woven wedges for a bit of egg-hunting with the kiddos and a sky blue satchel to prove you’re capable of pulling off pastels (beyond the 4th grade).

To a Dinner Date. Sassy suede heels to show off your freshly lacquered toenails, and a winky little clutch for an accessory that does the flirting for you. 😉

How we look has such a big impact on how we feel, and one of the reasons that The Pepper Dress has become such a staple in my wardrobe is because it literally ALWAYS fits.


As someone who has struggled with body image for my entire adult life, I am so honored to be making a garment that feels gracious AND looks flattering on any shape. I believe that everyone was created to go out and do great things, but having a stylish superhero cape can certainly make a difference in feeling ready to conquer the world.

I’d love to know which combo above is your favorite, and feel free to send me a style challenge so I can help pull together some looks around your upcoming Spring events!!