Wearing florals may seem like a seasonal occurrence, but they’ll go year round if you let them. Regardless, spring is just around the corner, which should give you some confidence to try new floral trends this season. Whether you’re feeling bold or conservative, floral patterns shouldn’t stop you from some of the most elegant and flattering styles. I’m giving you my four favorite ways to take on florals for any wardrobe!


Accessorizing florals is understated when it comes to showing off your favorite prints. Florals don’t have to simply be worn on your shirt. I like to think of accessorizing florals as the beginner’s guide to this trend. Using florals as an accent to your outfit may seem less scary, but also may give you a funky look you’ve never tried before. Try a cross body to add a pop to your outfit. Even a pair of floral patterned shoes can get some heads turning and people talking. Using shoes as a way to dip your toes in a trend can give you that perfect edge to any outfit while also standing out.


Going bold never hurt anybody, especially when it comes to florals. Finding an outfit that solely shows off a floral pattern will be sure to put you in the spring mood. Jumpsuits and pants are my two favorite floral trends this spring. The pants never fail to make a statement, but can be simplified with a solid chiffon shirt and nude heels or flats for a great day look. The jumpsuit never disappoints and is the perfect nose dive into all things floral this season. Keeping the focus on the main attraction of your outfit and using a fun statement necklace or earrings will give you a fun version of floral any day.


Keeping florals a secret is always an option as well. Many people don’t consider intimates when it comes to trends, but I’m here to tell you that rocking your favorite trend underneath it all is maybe the most fun of all. I love finding bras and panties that have a great floral pattern and wearing them all year round. There’s nothing wrong with you being the only one who knows your trend setting secret. If anything, it makes you appreciate it more, and who doesn’t like cute intimates? Keep your under garments in mind next time you’re thinking floral.


Don’t feel bad about keeping it simple. Sometimes a floral top with your favorite jeans is a safe but classic option for your spring wardrobe. Choosing a top that is versatile may give you the option to wear it with pants or a skirt depending on the occasion. If you can style your floral piece the right way, it should be able to take you anywhere. Keeping the print neutral will give you some more wiggle room when it comes to styling and keeps things classy.


At the end of the day, florals may be around to stay. From blouses to jumpsuits, it’s a trend that is constantly evolving and never leaving. It is versatile and never disappoints. Sometimes a simple floral pattern is all your outfit needs for that fun, bold, classy look you’ve been hoping for. Whether your body is made for skirts or pants, this is your trend and your time.