One of my favorite parts of the weekend is sitting down at our kitchen table, scanning my weekly fresh thyme ad, and making my grocery list & menu for the week. Grocery shopping used to be our Sunday thing, but over time, it’s evolved into my Sunday thing. I’m not sure what it is about it that I love so much, but I truly do look forward to it! Even with a list, I love to walk around the store, see what’s new, and catch up with my favorite produce guys.

Now, you may have a completely different grocery shopping experience. You make a list that you can’t stick to. You want to eat healthily but can’t afford it. You’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. I work with women all of the time that can relate to each of these sentiments. But, what if I told you we were able to work together to overcome every objection to grocery shopping, eating healthy, and doing it all within budget?

First, I make a menu for breakfasts, snacks, lunches and dinners based on what’s on sale. Example: I know we will want fruit for snacks throughout the week, so if grapes are on sale, that’s the fruit I go with.

Next, I make a list based on my menu. I know exactly what I want to make for the week, so my list is centered around this, which allows me to not overspend on items I may not even use/need,

Last, I shop the list, because how many times have you gone into the store without a list and come away with items you don’t use or need.

Here’s a look at a typical week’s menu in our house:

b: avocado toast
s: am – apple + peanut butter / pm – protein shake
l: grilled chicken, asparagus
d: stir-fried vegetables, chicken, and brown rice

b: 2 boiled eggs + chicken sausage
s: am – protein shake / pm – carrots + hummus
l: tuna, salsa, 1/2 avocado, tortilla chips
d: turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, and broccoli

b: avocado toast
s: am – apple + peanut butter / pm – protein shake
l: canned organic soup
d: grilled chicken, fingerling potatoes, green beans

b: protein shake
s: am – Larabar / pm – carrots + hummus
l: grilled chicken, asparagus
d: date nighttttt

b: avocado toast
s: am – apple + peanut butter / pm – larabar
l: out with coworkers
d: breakfast for dinner: grits, eggs, turkey bacon

b: organic cinnamon rolls, eggs, turkey bacon
l: joe usually has a frozen pizza and i’ll make soup or salad
d: spaghetti squash pasta with 93/7 ground turkey meat sauce

b: grits, eggs, turkey bacon
s: popcorn*
d: pork chops, greens, butternut squash, corn bread
*we usually have a late breakfast and early dinner and snack on popcorn throughout the day

We spend roughly $100/week on groceries, but this includes breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner for 2 for 6-7 days. Now, I am terrible at math, but know that breaks down to less than $3 per meal and is drastically cheaper than eating out. It’s nothing fancy, and it doesn’t have to be! We eat clean 80% of the time, but I am not too out of touch with reality to know that Saturdays are for cinnamon rolls!

Other quick tips: shop in season. Educate yourself on what fruits and vegetables are in season – this makes them more affordable. Shop in bulk. If chicken is on sale this week, buy as many packages as your budget will allow. Some weeks i may even spend more, but know that in the coming weeks i won’t have to buy meat which will reduce cost in the long run. Shop at multiple stores. I am loyal to our local fresh thyme, but also know Kroger might have the same product I am looking for a bit cheaper.

I’m getting so excited as I develop content for abundant health co. This is just a sneak peek in to what you can expect next year.