As I’ve grown older, I’ve found I have a lot more loves to lose and a lot more gold that happens to choose a different path. That sentence reads quite whimsical and almost enchanting as if it’s a smooth process – it’s not. I’m not referring to a man-formed easy-to-come-by thing, but the heart wrenching, world-changing type of loves that leave you a little heartbroken when their time is up in your world.

I’m not too mature in age, I’m actually quite young, yet I find the tears of those still fall from my face in plentiful amounts. I’ve grown and learned the value of people and maybe time adds the weight of love on your heart, and so when we find ourselves letting go it hurts a heck of a lot.

I lost a loved one recently; he went to be with the Lord. Kind, generous beyond practicality, oh and his heart could make you weep for centuries. However, it’s not always death in which we lose someone.

Sometimes friendships are seasonal – they are specific to the time and place you are currently. There’s always a good reason for that, but it doesn’t always mean it’s easy.

I’ve come across my fair share of loss of loves whether it’s through ended friendships, moving countries and lives passing by. One thing that’s constant is that it’s never been easy and it usually comes with a lot of tears. Girl, let them out.

However, when someone moves on from our current world let us be the loveliest kind.

Always allow love to surround your goodbyes – however that goodbye may look, cater it to your current situation. But always in love.

Allow grace, so much grace. It purely just doesn’t make sense sometimes, in fact, seems to look the opposite of sense – just allow grace beyond your ability.

This is a letter to some of us that may still be a bit heart broken by the loves we’ve lost, and to those that may face this in the future. Love and grace, let it be your anchor when you really want to blow up ship.