The Perfect Texture Spray


Ladies, how many of you want voluminous, textured, sexy… shall I keep going on and on with all the best adjectives to describe perfect hair? *every girl raises hand.* Well I have searched and searched for THE perfect products to assist you with the “lived-in” hair trend for all hair types and yup, I have found them and I’m never letting them go. I would seriously buy five at one time just to be secure that they are always in my possession. They are currently the hottest products on the market right now. Not just because they work but ya’ll, the packaging is sooooo cute. Look them up, right now. You will have major heart eyes for these products. I know, you’re dying to know now, ok….drum roll please….. IGK Down & Out Dirty Spray and Beach Club Texture Spray.


Down & Out Dirty Spray



Dirty Spray is for all hair types! This is so exciting to me, because I have the coarsest hair ever and texture sprays can be a little too tacky for my hair and force me to wash it daily (which I am too lazy for…don’t judge me). Dirty Spray creates the perfecttttt amount of piecey separation and morning-after grit. Begin using a small amount and add as needed. I often think it’s easiest to flip your head over, then work the spray from roots to ends, building as needed for texture and styling control. Wah-lah, the lived-in look you obsess over on Pinterest but don’t know how to create it, just became obtainable. Now see, it’s not worth comparing yourself to that model on Pinterest that had three hairstylists working on her at once, when you just recreated the look yourself with a little help from your aerosol friend.


Beach Club Texture Spray



Texture spray was formulated to add volume and texture to the hair for fullness, hold and a matte finish. The texture spray is versatile and can be used on dry or wet hair for your specific needs and your desired look. If you want the beachy-wave texture, add to damp hair, twist in sections and let your hair air dry for a soft separation and subtle wavy texture. I loveeee this technique for the hair because I had never been able to use a texture spray to achieve this style – it would leave a tacky residue on my hair and leave it looking dried out, unmanageable and feeling yuckkkky. The glycerin in this product helps lock in moisture preventing the hair from drying out. The hydrolyzed wheat protein in the Texture Spray gives natural body and fullness to the hair creating a sexy style. When you are trying to achieve this look, apply the texture spray to dry ends. I sometimes twist my hair and spray the product up the hair shaft. Taking different size sections when I twist so that you have a more un-done, lived-in look. The more imperfect, the better!


Seriously, these products are worth every penny! You really only need one or the other, not both. If your hair is coarse like mine and you just need a little extra added grit, I  would recommend the Dirty Spray. If you have super fine hair that lies limp and you get frustrated with styling it, I would get the Texture Spray because it has stronger bondings agents that will give you more bang for your buck. If you guys have any questions at all about which product might be right for your hair, please message me! I am here to help make your styling days easier and fun!
Xoxo- Sarah