Recently coming into the New Year, who isn’t thinking about their bucket list locations and all of the adventures that they want to go on with their friends. And what better way to get in tune with all the creative muses bubbling up inside of you, than getting away and breathing in different air in a different city. Here are some practical tips for all of you who are ready to adventure and travel it up this year!

1. Don’t Overthink It or Wait For The “Perfect Time”
So often, it’s easy to feel the need to have a certain amount of resources prepared, like the right amount of money saved aside, the budget for road trip snacks, the perfect people to travel with, a weekend where you’re feeling up to it, as well as a good time and price for lodging. Don’t. Don’t overthink the details and don’t wait for everything to be figured out until you go on your trip. You’ll be waiting around for a very very long time until everything is perfectly prepared.

One of the most exciting things about adventuring is the spontaneity of it all. It’s an adventure, not a paid vacation or honeymoon.

2. Don’t Worry About Finances
I know that this one is way easier said than done, coming from someone who has very little in her bank account. But there are so many ways to save money when it comes to traveling.

Gas Money: If this is something you can’t or don’t want to pay for all on your own, consider bringing other travelers with you. Rather it’s one, two or three others, splitting gas cost will save you A LOT of money and will take one of the biggest weights off your shoulder when it comes to road tripping.

Food & Drinks: Pack food. If you’re REALLY tight on a budget, grab a fat pack of water from Trader Joes, some cup of noodle from your local grocery store to heat in a gas station’s microwave while on the road, some protein bars, trail mix and fruit and you are good to go! You can even go the extra mile to completely meal prep and bring along a cooler and some ice and you’re set for like 3 days!

Lodging: This is a critical and perfect time to use social media for what it was invented for: networking. Ask friends to ask their friends about lodging. Post a status. If you have the extra money, check out an airbnb! And if all comes to worse, you can put down your back seats, set out a crap ton of blankets, some pillows, roll down the windows and camp out in your car! It’s not as uncomfortable as most would imagine or believe to be!

3. Pack Intentionally & LIGHT
Please don’t be the person who packs 4 pairs of shoes, 5 outfits (just incase), all their makeup and hair supplies, their entire office, books and journals (incase they get bored) as well as their shower tools. Believe it or not, it takes away from the adventure and it takes up valuable space. Having the extra space in your car while on the road turns into a luxury for trash, clutter and souvenirs you may have picked up while on the road.

Instead, consider the following:

Dry Shampoo
Hiking/ Running Shoes
Comfortable shoes for travel
Toothpaste/ Toothbrush
Hair brush
Makeup Wipes/ Baby Wipes (To help with dirt, sweat and oil all over your body while on the road.
2 in 1 Shampoo and Conditioner
Sweats/ Pants/ Shorts/ Dress (Keep in mind to dress for comfort, casual and semi-casual)
Coat/ Sweater/ T-Shirts (Again, comfort, casual and semi casual)
Blanket/ Pillow
Car and Wall Charger

4. Soak In The Scenery

It’s easy for ourselves to find comfort and entertainment on our phones while traveling in the car for hours, looking at the same scenery. But if you’re ever traveling through new grounds, I encourage and challenge you to try setting down any distractions and soaking up the change of scenery for at least 20 minutes. Don’t worry about what song is playing and don’t worry about taking pictures for your instagram/ snapchat story. Soak it in, and if you want to, pull over and take a photo. But don’t miss the whole point of you traveling. It’s to get a literal breath of fresh air. Take advantage of it in all aspects.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Not Having An Agenda

6. Don’t Be Afraid Of Getting Lost

We have local towing companies, google maps and siri. And if you’re out of service, you’re bound to find a paper map somewhere along the road, and the trip just got even more adventurous!

7. Consider Bringing Other People, To Make The Trip Easier:

What? Obviously, don’t invite others if you don’t want others around. But if you’re about to head out for a long trip, you may want to consider having another person or two to take a driving shift, the DJ shift, the co-piloting/ maps shift and the snack distributing shift. All play a very important role. And the company makes the car ride so much easier.

8. Extraversion Will Be Your Best Tool

While out on the road, you may encounter a few situations where you need to approach strangers and ask for favors! Like getting your car jumped, getting directions or wanting someone to take your picture! This is a REAL thing, believe it or not. So mentally prepare yourself at all times.

I hope these tips help launch you into a more adventurous year!! Cheers to the road, and all the memories that lie ahead in it!