Setting monthly, quarterly and yearly goals is something my husband and I have made a habit of doing. Throughout the year, we spend time in intentional conversation, doing frequent ‘check-ins’ to see where we are in meeting our goals.  We strategize together, plot our course and then run full speed ahead side by side.


The end of a calendar year has always been exciting to look back and see what we’ve accomplished that year, strategize on how to achieve what fell off the radar and look with anticipation for all the new year will hold.


We’re far enough out from January 1st that many well-intentioned new years resolutions are down the drain, others may be slowly dwindling while others may still be going strong.  Wherever you may find yourself on the spectrum of your goals and resolutions set, it’s well worth the time to talk about and set some marriage goals for 2017 if you haven’t already.


In 2016 we spent some time writing out a purpose statement and vision for our marriage.  We made three commitments of things we would do in 2016, super practical ways to invest in our marriage.  This exercise for up was so rich and rewarding.  We spent time in deep, meaningful conversation about why we got married in the first place, what the whole purpose of marriage was, what it meant for us and the world.  Out of our purpose statement came the three commitments we were making that year which we were ways that would help us accomplish and live out our purpose to the fullest.  Below is our purpose statement and the three commitments we made:


Our purpose statement for our marriage is to have a marriage the mirrors the relationship of Christ with the church, loving one another and giving ourselves up for one another as we grow in the heights and depths of a love that will not let go so that the world may know Christ’s love.  


The three commitments we made were to;

  1. Go on one date a week, whether it’s for lunch, dinner, or coffee just the two of us.
  2. Go on one trip, just the two of us, even if it’s just for a weekend away.
  3. Have marriage mentors whether that is in a formal counseling setting or couples within our church that we meet consistently with on a monthly basis


Looking back over 2016, we can clearly see how our purpose statement and three commitments set the trajectory for that year.  2016 was a year of massive growth in our marriage, and ironically, we spent less quantity of time together but the time we spent together was intentional and meaningful.    


My hope in sharing this is that you and your hubs will take some time to do the same.  Spend some time together, dreaming about your marriage, all that you want it to be and all that it could be.  Write down things that you want to do together, write down what you want to become together.  Make commitments. They don’t have to be big and elaborate, sometimes the smaller, the better.  


It may be well past January 1st, but your marriage is far too important to not be intentional about it in 2017. Start small and start now.  Set some marriage goals for 2017!