Shopping has its perks, especially when you score on some amazing pieces for prices you just couldn’t walk away from. It can also bring buyer’s remorse, making that splurge the biggest regret of the year. We all walk into stores on a different budget, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t find a happy medium when it comes to creating our wardrobe. So, how do you answer the one question we all dread when it comes to shopping. Do I fork out the big bucks, or walk away hoping to find something at a more manageable price point? No matter your budget, here are a few tips when creating your game plan, that way you can be confident the next time you spot a potential next purchase.


Fight the splurge on trends. Some of my biggest shopping regrets have been spending a lot on styles that don’t stick around. No matter your style, it’s important to think about the items you could still see yourself wearing years ahead. Yes, there will always be those trends that make a comeback, but maybe keep the splurging for those items that never go out of style. This season, I love bomber jackets, one piece leotards, and chokers, but will be choosing cheaper options so that I can still enjoy these trends without breaking the bank. If it’s not an item that you would wear with a good portion of your closet, keep your budget conservative. Leave the splurging for those items that you can use to pull all outfits together. Trends are what keep fashion interesting, but you don’t have to fork over the big bucks to play along. If it’s not going to be one of your most popular wardrobe items, stick to stores like H&M and Forever21 for super cute and affordable options. You’ll not only get the chance to rock your favorite trends, but feel good about how much you spent, too!


Take the plunge on classic items. My favorite topic of all time, versatility. While I love a good trend, there is nothing like those classic pieces you’ll always have in your closet. I’m talking those items that you’ve had for years and reach for every time you approach your wardrobe. Based on your style, find those items that you gravitate towards daily. Maybe it’s those leather knee high boots, or maybe it’s a brown fur vest. Regardless, I find that it’s worth to splurge on those classic items more when you’re getting the wear out of it. I tend to splurge on items like jeans, leather jackets, and purses the most. I also stick with neutral colors like black, brown and gray to ensure that I can wear it with more, giving me more use out of the items. Shoes can get tricky, so be sure to stick with styles and colors that are here to stay. A classic blazer, black heel, or leather tote are some of my favorite splurges that are sure never to go out of style.


When splurging, create a price to wear ratio. Consider how much the item is and think about how much you plan on wearing it. Does it equal out, or even come close? When you can find a good balance between splurging and justifying use out of an item, you’ll be able to kick buyer’s remorse to the curb. Don’t ditch the trends just because you don’t want to fork over the money. Be a little smarter when it comes to searching for cheaper options. Style doesn’t have to mean expensive, so figure out what splurging means to you. In the end, you’ll have a healthier relationship with your closet, and make those shopping experiences more intentional.