New Year Resolutions. We tend to grow this love/hate relationship with them throughout the years. While some get excited on pondering on their new year goals, others rebelliously look the other direction. And as 2016 has been coming to an end, I myself have been wondering if I need a new year resolution, and why.

A New Year Resolution is a tradition in which someone makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something nice for the world. Long story short, it’s a positive goal you create for yourself. The most common ones I see throughout social media, on television, and in magazines is the goal of fitness, health, greater self-love and open-mindedness. Which are all beautiful things, don’t get me wrong. But I’m desiring to see a year of people truly doing something positively impactful for their soul and for their craft. Kind of like doing more work on the engine of a car, rather than just the exterior work.

Fitness, health, school, and deeper relationships are all beautiful and highly important. But I can’t help to think about creatives and small business owners. What type of goals do we make for ourselves for the new year? If you’re a creative or a small business owner, here are some goals for 2017 you may want to consider.

1. Make time for you and your craft.
One of the most healthy and beneficial things we can ever do for ourselves is have designated “me time.” When you carve out the time to connect with your heart, your passion, and your craft, you’ll notice a few different things; stress begins to evaporate, an organic rekindling for your craft takes place, and you become able to connect with your process in a healthy way. If you’re a small business owner and your work includes your craft, I highly suggest creating the boundary to make time for you and your craft without any business involved or in mind. Whatever you do, (photography, hand lettering, design, writing, fitness, baking or whatever it may be) make sure you are first and foremost doing it for yourself.

2. Make legitimate financial goals
I want you to take out a piece of paper, find out where you’re at right now financially. This can rather be a really fun thing to do, or super stressful. Regardless, it’s good to look over. I then want you to really pray and take the time to cast a vision for where you desire to be financially.

One of Gods promises to us is to have full abundance in Him at all times. This means that there’s no “season of poverty” or “God’s teaching me how to be okay with being poor.” That’s ridiculous. His full abundance includes financial provision, to not only meet all of our needs, but even more than that. So take the time to sit down with Him, meditate on the truth and reality of abundance and our access to our inheritance with Him as sons and daughters, and declare it on a piece of paper. Dream with Him. Wildly. And write down your goals and simply believe that He’ll come through because He’s a really good Father. Obviously, this means putting in a good amount of work to earn what you make. But this year, like every year is a year of abundance. And God is just waiting to rip open that vault for you and your family!

3. Less is more.
Cut out some of the unnecessary things that may be cluttering your life. And not just in your home, but in other places in your life. Sometimes and often it’s totally necessary to cut off some things, one by one. Whether it be that one unhealthy relationship that seems to weigh 50,000 pounds on your heart. Maybe it’s a list of regular commitments you’ve been keeping, but they’re completely burning you out. Maybe you need to go through your closet and your clutter drawers and just start throwing junk out! When you create space in your life, you’re creating more room for greater things to come in and take place.

4. Believe that you’re truly amazing.
I’ve mentioned in a past article that comparison is one of the greatest murderers to creativity. It all comes down to the heart of self-love. When you begin to truly believe in your craft, in your business and your capability as an artist, the world becomes unstoppable, limits become limitless, and critics become benchwarmers. A really great way to make self-affirmation a consistent thing in your day to day life is taking the time to affirm yourself and your heart. Speaking to your heart and letting it know how great of a job it’s doing is truly encouraging and does wonders. Looking yourself in the mirror and reminding yourself how beautiful you and your process are, and looking at your artwork and acknowledging that there’s no other piece of work in the world, no other artist, that exactly like you. You are a unique individual, hand crafted by God with gifts and callings that only you possess.Take the time to remind yourself that and take advantage of your gifts.

5. Don’t be too hard on yourself.
This one is so important guys. Do NOT be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach your goals in the timeframe you expected. Just because you didn’t reach them when you initially thought you would, that doesn’t mean you won’t at all. The beauty of goals is that they’re goals, not a deadline. They’re something to motivate you to greater and to help launch you into your purpose. But goodness, if they’re not all met, that doesn’t mean you failed. That means keep going and set your goals even higher.

6. Dream On Dreamer
Dream so wildly that it not only intimidates you but makes others feel uncomfortable. Whatever it looks like. For miracles to happen in your family, for a fitness and health transformation to happen in you and your spouse, to have the dream home that you’ve always wanted, or that new car you’ve been praying for SO long. Dream. Dream for them all. Don’t just make work goals, but dream dreams, hand them to Jesus and watch Him work. Your life and dreams are in the hands of the ultimate miracle maker, and man, He wants to make you smile.