I pride myself in standing on the frontlines of the non-toxic and chemical free battle. At times, it seems like my fight is uphill; foods and products that market themselves as “natural” can sometimes end up being the most toxic item in the house. It’s a seemingly never-ending battle to fight, but I’m always excited to discover others that are fighting alongside me.

I had the real honor of chatting with Courtney Kahla, founder of Pure + Radiant skincare. Courtney is a wife, dog mom and chiropractic student that has made it her mission to start a clean beauty revolution with her products. Her heart is pure, her beauty radiates, and she’s quite the inspiration to me. Ahead, I’m sharing our chat that you won’t want to miss.


1.    What are the biggest changes you’ve seen in your life by switching to a more healthy & balanced lifestyle?

I think the biggest change I’ve experienced since owning a life of vitalism is how in-tune I’ve become with my inner self. I feel more grounded, centered and present. It’s empowering to take charge of your health! I didn’t realize how good my body was designed to feel.


2.    You balance marriage, chiropractic school, running your own business, and more — what keeps you motivated on days when life is overwhelming?

My husband and I function around a set of core values and priorities. This has helped me keep on track with my life purpose and in touch with my passion and joy. When I keep my priorities in check, it’s easy to tackle a to-do list virtually stress-free. My priorities are:

1.    God

2.    Health

3.    Family

4.    Education

5.    Friendships

My core values come into play when accomplishing these goals and tasks. My core values are:

1.    Christianity

2.    Congruency

3.    Authenticity

4.    Passion

5.    Integrity

6.    Gratitude

Oh and a pint of NadaMoo mint chocolate chip ice cream and Theo’s organic chocolate chased with a glass of biodynamic cabernet sauvignon #balance


3.    You’ve been free of harmful chemicals for over a year now — what prompted that lifestyle change?

I firmly believe the body is self-healing and self-regulating. I was that kid who came home from preschool one day and told my mom to throw away the chips and candy because I wanted carrots and celery. She was like, “Who are you!?” Through adolescence, I refused to pop my zits! It would drive my mom nuts! But I firmly believed that my body would heal itself. My parents have always called me their granola child as I was constantly whipping up something in the kitchen and lathering it on my face, body or in my hair.

Through classes like microbiology, public health, and toxicology at Parker University’s College of Chiropractic, it really opened my eyes as to what harmful toxins are in our everyday products that we’re regularly exposing ourselves to without even realizing it! I was buying products that looked and claimed to be natural and clean, but in reality, were everything but! I strive for honesty, integrity, and clarity in all aspects of my life (there’s no such thing as TMI with me), so my heart was honestly broken when I learned about greenwashing companies such as Lush. Instead of pouting and blasting these companies (because I am committed to positivity on social media), I decided to start making my own products. Turns out, it’s also cheaper and was such a creative outlet for me! Plus, the therapeutic benefits of supporting and enhancing rather than suppressing and exposing your body to foreign harmful chemicals is beautiful. I thoroughly enjoy creating and making skincare products.


4.    You’re stuck on an island and only allowed to take one item from your shop with you — which one do you choose and why?

No! Don’t make me choose! It’s so hard for me to only choose one product because they all work synergistically. If I had to cut it down, the least I could do is suds face wash, mop toner for sensitive skin and skin food serum for dry skin. Call me high-maintenance!


5.    What advice would you give to someone that is wanting to start living a more holistic, non-toxic life?

The most important thing you and your family can adopt is a viewpoint that your body, as a whole, is one organism. The body’s systems are one integrated and balanced whole. All the component parts are interconnected and symptoms are the body’s way of communicating to us. In fact, symptoms are simply a call for attention and are not what need fixing — rather, understanding. Suppressing symptoms is like suppressing one of the only communication lines between you and your body.

Next, educate yourself. Knowledge is power! In this day and age, it is no longer acceptable to do something just because that’s the way it has always been done. Do your research, reach out to those you know and trust, and make the best, informed decisions for you and your family (that looks different for everyone).

Lastly, do not let this journey overwhelm you because it is just that, a journey. I did not throw away every single toxic product in my home in one night and then go out and spend hundreds of dollars investing in new, nontoxic products. It was a gradual process, and I continued to educate myself and tackle various areas of our home. I started with my bathroom. The first product I recommend tossing and cleaning up is deodorant. Go put that in the trash right now! From there, it can be more of a transition. Once you run out of face wash, invest in a new nontoxic face wash and once you run out of mascara, invest in a new non-toxic mascara, etc. Slowly transitioning one product at a time based on your individual needs. This will drastically reduce any stress this process might induce. Then I would tackle the kitchen, laundry room, and cleaning supplies! You can do this in whatever order makes sense for you. Once you run out of laundry detergent, invest in a new less-toxic detergent and so on and so forth. If at any time you begin to feel stressed or overwhelmed, it may just mean that you’re not ready to transition yet and that’s okay! Take your time.


6.    What’s been your favorite part of starting your own natural skincare line?

My absolute favorite part has been how my heart is constantly OVERFLOWING with gratitude for this opportunity to serve and love others through these products. It brings tears to my eyes that God has opened this door for me. I created Pure + Radiant skincare because I saw a need and a growing desire for families to want quality products that get the job done efficiently, effectively and don’t sacrifice their health.


7.    Of course, it’s all Pure + Radiant for skincare, but can you leave our readers with some other natural products you’re loving right now?

I personally use the entire P+R skincare line daily and weekly (duh), but I also invest in other companies that share the same vision and passion as me! Here are some of my favorites:

·      deodorant — the pits by Soul Sunday

·      shampoo / conditioner — Innersense Organics

·      hairspray — Josh Rosebrook

·      toothpaste — Uncle Harrys

There are so many others, but these are the ones I use most often!

Wow – I don’t know about you, but I am blown away and obsessed with everything Courtney has to say. She has [quite literally] bottled up her passion to belt out her mission: educate and empower people to experience holistic health within their bodies. If you’re loving Courtney as much as I am, be sure to follow her on instagram (@pureandradiant) and check out her amazing skincare line over at pureandradiant.org.