New Year’s Eve is here and the Christmas lights are starting to slowly fade away. The anticipation of the new year is building up—you can feel the energy in the air entangling you into the atmosphere, making it almost inescapable, but why does it feel this way? There is nothing truly special about the upcoming holiday.

For some, the new year signifies change. Ambitious goals are set, hoping the coming year will be different than the last. Realistically, most, if not all of the goals won’t be met. Conversely, for others, New Year’s Eve is an excuse to party hard—real hard. The countdown to midnight becomes a competition to party as much as possible before the ball drops. Nevertheless, it is a day of celebration; reflecting on the year, realizing life is lived day by day.

Aside from the traditional approaches, New Year’s Eve has also become an unspoken second Valentine’s Day. Couples wait for midnight to come around so they can kiss under the mistletoe, while the single people shout as loud as they can in celebration. There are no love cards or chocolate boxes being exchanged, but there is a certain romantic expectation of the night that excludes the singles—Valentine’s Day incognito.

Whatever you may expect from New Year’s Eve, there is one thing we all can agree on—we can all come together to celebrate each other. Instead of focusing on the coming new year or waiting for someone to catch your eye across the room, let’s focus on celebrating the people that are present around us. During New Year’s Eve, let’s move away from the anxiety of tomorrow, and shift to the joy of being in the moment.