Just when I thought I’ve nailed it, I find myself back on the ‘I don’t feel adequate enough’ page of life. For example, Radiant is my first professional writing platform that I have had the honour to be a part of–but let me tell you, I have been going through an unwanted game of tug and war for the past couple of months. For instance, questions like these have been confronting me, “What do I even write? What if what I write isn’t going help anyone? What if no one approves of what I have to say?” Then I begin to tell the Lord I’m just not adequate enough for this task. I end up second guessing and doubting myself, completely disregarding my ability.

When this happens, I have to stop myself for a second and slow down–often it requires one of my friends (what would I do without my girlfriends?) to sit me down and tell me to “stop.” Afterwards, I will ask myself these questions, “How did I get here? Was this me or God? What is this really about? Is this about me or is there a bigger purpose?  Once I answer the questions, I ask myself one more, “What now?” Am I going to let my negative self-proclamation knock me down, or am I going to disregard whatever negativity is attempting to cloud the judgement of who I truly am?

I suspect that the feeling of self-inadequacy is something the enemy uses to distract us from the beautiful work of God that we are a part of. The distraction tactic the enemy uses is to try to make us see ourselves as less than what we are, in the hopes that it will shy us away from making a difference in this world.

Here is a rude awakening ladies–it’s not true. The enemy is never right. That cynical viewpoint on your skill set, gifting, heart’s desire, looks IS NOT TRUE.

So sit down get a pen and paper o iPhone and open your notes, and ask yourself those three questions. Take those answers and remind yourself of them daily, stick them on your bedside table or set a reminder on your phone. Do it until you don’t need a written reminder anymore, and it becomes a habit and automatic response to the negativity that may creep up on you. You may need to do this is different areas of your life, at various times, which is totally ok!

I’m not sure if our feeling of being inadequate ever ends, but we get better at dealing with it, and in time with a dose of wisdom, it gets somewhat easier.

Let’s fight this together by reminding ourselves of these things! You are adequate! You are doing this for a reason higher than yourself! There are people all over the world counting on us!