I remember one morning having a heart-to-heart phone conversation with a girlfriend. Something that came up during our talk was our synonymous dream to own a business and to somehow make an income using the creative talents that God has given us. But sometimes that idea feels impossible. But is it? Is it too far fetched to dream of making a living by pursuing your dreams? To make a living off of your giftings and pursuing your dreams?

Let me tell you this, it’s absolutely possible.

I find it so encouraging to watch so many creative entrepreneurs grow and launch into success. They make it feel obtainable. Yet, there are so many voices telling us to throw music, writing, design and photography out the window and go get a degree. People toss the idea of doing what you love out the window for a job that will predictably pay the bills.

But guess what? I wasn’t  created to have the mindset of just settling–and neither were you.

I think this becomes easier to grasp once you’ve wrapped your mind around the concept of the abundant favor you have with God with how powerful He is, and how much more He wants you to steward the dreams He gave you!

Is our God so small as to give us multiple talents, gifts, dreams and visions that can only go so far?  Did He not give us those gifts as an opportunity to change the course of history? The desires we are given are hand-placed into our hearts by God Himself! That’s incredible to think about. He’s so intentional when He created us, that the things we are passionate about are by no means a coincidence. In fact, He’s just as intentional with placing visions, dreams, and passions inside of our hearts, as He is when He knitted our physical bodies together.

I hear people of all ages expressing their love and passion for music, or painting, or traveling, but also how bummed they are that they can’t do it, because…why? They never really give me an answer. Usually they end their argument with the whole “I’m just a small fish in a very big pond” analogy, or something along those lines. This passion and dream of yours didn’t just develop through a series of experiences or trials, or even just years, it was planted by God Himself, and you’re just poorly stewarding it by not doing anything with it. (Sorry, not sorry.)

Now please, don’t get me wrong. Do I believe that corporate companies, office jobs, and academic majors pursuing “real world jobs” are important? Absolutely! They make the world go round and help advance us into greatness. But I guess this post is for the dreamers who have dreams that are “against the grain,” and settle for the career paths more widely accepted.

The person to your left may be the perfect candidate to be a biology major, while you on the other hand, need to pick up the guitar and start writing music.  Who knows, what you bring into the world by pursuing what you were made to do may shift hearts and change atmospheres across nations, or maybe even change the entire legacy of the community you’re in.

I’m quite tired of society shaping my desires, dreams, and visions by telling me what I should do. But something I’m learning is that society can’t shape who God is. They can’t bend, contain or persuade Him, and if my dreams, gifts and passions are all orchestrated and designed by Him, that means that society can’t shape, contain or persuade those either.

Stop dreaming too small.

Also, let me just say this, if you’re in the midst of dreaming and envisioning something that’s never been done before–I’m so excited for you to be the first to do it.