Join Kelsey as she chats with Julie Solomon, co-founder of OMG! Publicity and blogger at Julie works with women across the board — those with NY Times Best Sellers to renown bloggers to those who are just starting out.  We chat about putting yourself out there, strategizing your branding, and crafting the perfect pitch.

Today we chat about:

  • Embracing fear & leaning into it
  • Going in the direction of fear knowing that something big is on the other side
  • The challenge of putting yourself out there
  • Getting innovative in breaking into your desired industry
  • If you want something done right, give it to a busy person” 
  • Working with authors like Max Lucado, Sheila Walsh, Beth Moore
  • Adaptability to evolve as the landscape of your industry changes

Conscious Connection

Love Warrior

You can find Julie at &  can keep up with her on Instagram at @julssolomon.