Hey Makeup Junkies–It’s time to clear out your summer makeup goodies and make room for winter favorites! From bright shimmery colors to rich and dark matte colors, just like fashion trends, makeup has season color changes too.  Changing out your makeup bag and replacing all of your summer colors with deeper, darker tones can be extremely pricey and time-consuming. I do not know about you guys, but I do not have the time to go to multiple stores to get different products and not to mention pay way more than my budget allows me too. Talk about an angry husband when he asks me, “What is Sephora?” Haha. Girls, men will never understand our love for makeup and why we feel like we need every single one of Kylie Jenner’s lipsticks! Well, I have found the secret to our answered prayers!!! A one stop shop where you have so many options of makeup products, colors, affordable prices, with a beautiful outcome.  EEEKKKK!! Y’all, Colour Pop (colourpop.com) has the cheapest products, AND they offer a $5 off coupon when you first sign up! You may not think $5 is a lot at first, but when you scroll through their site and see that one lip liner is $5, you just hit the jack pot!! Sign me up, I’ll take FREE any day!  With the free lip liner you receive as a gift, you can afford to purchase a lipstick to fill in your lips, only spending $6!!!!! I feel the need to express excitement with multiple exclamation marks. Now, I know there are so many colors to choose from when you start scrolling through their website but let me help you navigate through the site and give you some fall color recommendations!

We are moving into fall colors like burnt oranges, burgundies, golds, browns, champagnes, maroons, etc. Colour Pop has literally every eyeshadow and lipstick color you could ever imagine. I know right, pinch me I’m dreaming! Let’s start with a must-have color palette for eyeshadows this fall.

For light cream colors that will help highlight on your brow bone and tear duct, search for these colors: Valley Girl, Glow, Onai

For a beige to gold shimmer eyeshadow that is a good choose for the eyelid choose: Plunge, Amaze, Sequin, Weenie, La La, Get Lucky, Kathleen Lights, Game Face, and Boy Band

For deeper matte colors that are good for shading and blending in the crease of your eye lid check out: Party Girl, Cornelious, Farah, Mittens, and Central Perk.

As the seasons’ change and the weather get cooler, this is when deeper, darker, and richer lip colors are in! Ok, now let’s find some $6 lipsticks to obsessed over! With Colour Pop you have the option of choosing between six different kinds of lip wear. Such as, Ultra Satin Lip, Ultra Matte Lip, Lippie Stick, Lippie Pencil, Ultra Metallic Lip, and Ultra Glossy Lip. Again, so many options to choose from so I’m going to give you some guidance and direction of some of falls most popular lip color trends and favorites.

Lippie Stick:

Lippie Primer- MUST HAVE!!! I’m serious! Best lip primer I have ever used, and I am a lip stick addict! Put this on clean lips, and apply it before you apply your lip stick. Make sure the product reaches the outer corner of your lips, because this product will help keep your lipstick from bleeding into the creases of your skin.

Brink- A warm dusty taupe in a matte finish ; pairs well with Brink Lip Pencil

Aquarius- A soft pink nude in a Crème finish ; match this with the Aquarius Lip Pencil

Grunge- A cool-toned plum brown in a Matte finish; pair it with matching Grunge Lip Pencil

Creature- A deepened blackened burgundy red in a matte finish; paired with Creature Lip Pencil

Ultra Matte Lip:

Tulle-A dusty mauve burgundy; partners well with the Lady or Creature Lip Pencil

Lax- A vampy blackened red; goes well with Creature Lip Pencil

Ultra Glossy Lip:

Dropout- A chocolate raspberry in a Sheer finish; pair this with the Creature Lip Pencil

Cheat Code- A rich copper in a metallic finish; this goes great with Taurus or the Pitch Lip Pencil

These products have changed the way I view makeup because I can now expect good results out of a lower priced makeup product. Also, I am a firm believer in a lip pencil so I put recommendations for which lip pencil to get with the lip stick. The lip pencil allows you to outline your lips for a more even application. Trust me guys, this stuff stays on all day! Try it! It’s too affordable not to!  Stay posted on my page because next I am going to rave on some of their highlighting and contour go-to’s!

Peace and Love Makeup Junkies! xoxo- Sarah Taglio Sweat