Dear Daughter,

You are beautiful, Darling. But that isn’t all. Your gorgeous curly, naturally highlighted hair, it falls softly around your sweet face. You have the prettiest hazel eyes that are so big and round, expression and emotion just ooze out of them whenever you look at anyone. But these things don’t define you. It isn’t simply your natural beauty that makes you lovable, or that draws people to your personality. And I pray that you will grow up in a world that believes this to be true of all women. Not just of you.

I hope to God that you won’t be raised in a world where your leadership thinks that you will only move up the ladder of success because of the way you look. Darling, you are an Adventurer. You hike trails and run down their hills, and often you fall down. You may cry momentarily, but you always get right back up and keep on running. What you want, you go for, and what you go for, you get.

You are daring and so incredibly smart. You know every single word of Fight Song, and I thank God often that you have an amazingly supportive uncle who thought of you and me one day when he had heard it. “Listen to Fight Song,” he said. “I really believe it’s yours and Reese’s song.” That’s the kind of leader that I hope will believe in not just us, but all women. “You might only have one match, but you can make an explosion. This IS your fight song. You ARE alright. Your power is on, you are strong, your Fight Song is playing. And even if no one else believes, you have a fight to be heard.” Those song lyrics were written for you, Baby Girl. And I am praying diligently that you won’t grow up in a world, in a country, a FREE country, that screams at you otherwise.

Oh young daughter of mine, someday, YOU might decide to get married and have your own babies, but I want you to know that you weren’t created to ever be LESS than your husband. You’ll change lots of diapers, but that won’t be your job. And I hope that America won’t be preaching from our pulpit that those are the types of things that women are supposed to do.

And on that note, I hope that we aren’t being led by someone who is repulsed by all things breastfeeding; who has actually called females “disgusting” for needing to pump while at work to provide for their babies. Reese, you are strong and capable–you can have a baby or not have a baby, but don’t ever let the world, our world, take your voice away from you.

No matter how loud the moron, no matter how big hatred and bigotry grows, I hope YOU know how truly breathtaking you are. I hope that YOU can be sure of yourself and that you will believe how great YOU are. No matter WHAT the world throws at you throughout these next many years, may the Universe always marvel at your magnificence.

You are far more than locker room talk.