Ponchos are my secret weapon when it comes to wardrobe crisis. When all else fails, it’s always a good idea to have a go-to to fix your wardrobe worries. While I can’t get away with wearing a poncho every season of the year, I’m gearing up for some MAJOR poncho weather and have some of my favorite looks so that you can get excited, too!

Sometimes simple can go a long way.  At all times, I have my favorite jeans and v-neck on deck. Many times I have plans for an outfit, only to end up out the door in my trusty go-to. Trust me, adding a poncho this season is the best accessory you could have on hand in your closet! Not only do ponchos have the ability to dress up any outfit, but also is a chic jacket alternative for cooler temps! Their best trick is being able to transform a look. Adding any shoe, from flats to booties, can take this look from errands to dinner in a matter of seconds.

If you tuned in earlier this season, you know about my flare obsession this season. I’m wearing them with any and everything! Casual, dressy, outdoors or indoors, it’s simple, easy, and adds some length to your legs! Pairing a solid blouse with a patterned poncho will pack a punch when it comes to fall and winter outfit ideas. This not only puts the focus on the poncho but can also pull an outfit together in a snap. Most times when I’m on my 4th day of dry shampoo, I throw on a wide brimmed hat with my poncho and call it a day. No one will know because you’ll look pulled together AND stylish.

My favorite poncho outfit is pairing with tall boots and a dress to create an ultra chic look! Whether it’s the beginning of the season where temperatures haven’t dropped quite yet or the dead of winter, you’ll be able to incorporate this outfit into your wardrobe. Maybe even wearing your go-to LBD, but switching it up with suede over the knee boots and a poncho can help you recycle some favorites in your closet by giving them a whole new look!

Thankfully, ponchos compliment any and everyone, no matter your body type. You don’t have to be a certain height or style to incorporate this look into your wardrobe. Ponchos can change the intention of any outfit, even if it means dressing up your favorite day to day look or giving a casual twist to your favorite dress. No matter your outfit intentions, a poncho will give you more flexibility and options with your closet this season!