I’ve just come out of a season where I’ve realized how crucial it is to spend alone time with Jesus, to survive, let alone create. Not just hang out with Him and have a moment of silence during worship on Sunday mornings, in the shower when it’s convenient or when I have nothing else to do, but carve time into my day to devote specifically to Jesus, and only Him. It’s obvious, though, isn’t it? Though it’s something that can easily slip the mind when things are happening left and right, day by day, and I then realize it’s been a minute since I’ve sat alone with Jesus.

There’s something powerful that happens when you take a moment (doesn’t have to be long), but is a regular time, set aside for you to connect with the One who created you. Something profound and nourishing happens to the soul. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 

It’s getting in tune with the One who knows us best The one who knows our hearts, cries, dreams, excitements, devastations and longings. He knows all of them, and although sometimes it feels nice to get answers to our questions and complaints, it is far better just to be with Him, in the quiet, with no agenda and allow my soul to recharge, regather and relax.

See, He’s a big Daddy. He knows what He’s doing; He’s been God for a long, long time. And I find it silly and sad when I’m able to come up with excuses for why I’m not making time for Him. Sometimes, I just don’t feel like it, which we all face. It’s nothing to feel guilty or ashamed of, but it’s also not a habit I desire for my life.

Like most things in life, when you start to taste something satisfying, you naturally begin to grow a stronger hunger for it. It starts demanding your attention at the beginning of the day, during the night, multiple times throughout your day, and then before your know it, it’s become a regular part of your everyday routine and diet. In many ways, our pursuit and relationship with the Lord is like this. Once you begin to taste of His goodness, your soul begins to hunger for more and more of Him. The wonderful and encouraging thing about God is that He never lacks, He never runs low, He never turns us away, or turns away from us. And our appetite for Him isn’t a guilt pleasure or unhealthy; it’s nourishing for our existence, and it’s worth our time.

Whether you wake up 20 minutes earlier in the mornings to read, journal or simply press in without any distractions in front of you or sitting alone in your car for 10 minutes and listen to a worship song, be intentional about carving in time. He’s so eager and excited to hang out with you.