Brick, berry, black cherry, red chocolate. Let’s call it 50 shades of red. Introducing fall to winter lip color trends from the lightest shades of red to the darkest.

Berry Haze: Part purple, part red, berry is a trending fall color. Enhance the color by applying a darker shade of lip liner and add the lipstick to create an ombre illusion. Dab white lipstick (yes, white lipstick) to the center of your berry lips. Pat it with your finger or a lip brush to blend the color. This will add fullness to your lips.

Red Sheen: Dig out your lip gloss because gloss is making its way back to add moisture to those dry season lips. Shiny lips are having a moment. Put on a cherry shade of red, and coat with a matching color gloss. Yes, yes, yes! Who doesn’t love a good red lip? If a gloss is a little too bold for you, blot a tissue between your lips to tone down the shine.

Messy Merlot: We are searching for deep wine tones here. Maybelline has a lip shade called, Blackest Berry, that is perfect! This is for the I’m in a hurry, I need lipstick now moment. Not, I need to put on a liner and then lipstick then conceal around the edges look. You feel me? Drop the lip liner and the lip brush because this vampy purple looks best carelessly applied. Add directly to your lips, blot, then repeat until your left with a slightly uneven finish.

Black Cherry: This season’s most daring lip begs you to bring out the black. The absolute darkest shade on the grid mixed with dark red makes for a moody concoction. If you’re feeling frisky, try adding shades of purple or blue to create a midnight effect.

I dare you to be bold! If you are curious because you have never tried shades of red, find a nearby drug store. Start with a Maybelline lip shades that will cost you $7 or $8.

Stay confident. Stay radiant. Lip color works for everyone! It enhances your skin tone, gives the effect of whiter teeth, defines your lip shape, etc. The key to feeling comfortable wearing it is to find the shade that best compliments you. Stay tuned ladies, my guideline to shades the best compliment your skin tone is coming soon! In the meantime, I want to hear the details of your experiences with these customizable shades of red! Try out your lip shades and tag me on Instagram @sarahtaglio with your selfies! I want to support you in your fall color!

Maybelline Recommendations:

Berry Haze: Smoking Red and Wickedly White

Red Sheen: Dynamite Red

Messy Merlot: Blackest Berry

Black Cherry: Pitch Black, Raging Raisin, Berry Bossy, Sapphire Siren