One of the greatest feats in life is to destroy comparison. Instead of allowing discouragement and intimidation to turn into a consuming rage, we need a new perspective.

When we feel that our “competition” is partnering with the God of inspiration, uniqueness, creativity, and love, we have no right to feel territorial.  This is someone’s creative process or journey with God. Why should we feel threatened by that?

What we do have is permission to do is champion that person into greatness. They’re partnering with Heaven and fulfilling a passion. That alone is a reason to celebrate.

And guess what, you have access to the same divine creativity! Be encouraged!

Ask,”God, what can I learn from this person and what they’re doing?” Remember, we’re all on a different journey, and the courses are not meant to be identical. There’s power in locking arms with other passionate people and going on a mission to change the world as a team. That’s part of the great commission. So let’s do it with excellence and in the unique way that God has called each of us!

Let me reiterate: Don’t get caught up in comparison. It’s a real struggle, people! It’s okay to invest in what others are doing when we serve or work with them. But, don’t get caught up in someone else’s journey if you’re only comparing yourself to them. Doing so will rob you of the greatest adventures, lessons, and blessings that God has set out for you and your individual journey with Him.

While we live in a world where competition is the norm, God’s intention to give all people success and abundance. Why fight when there’s more than enough to go around?

As an artist and singer, it was easy for competition and comparison to rise up in me when I meet other creatives. But one day, the Father sat me down and said, “What would it look like for Heaven to fill the earth and for your ministry to take over?” I got a picture of the entire city of LA filled with anointed men and women with similar yet unique gifts, walking hand in hand, changing the world. We all fit together like a giant puzzle!

The same goes with any other gift, passion or calling. One single person striving to be the best can never change the world. But a unified group of passionate people can easily transform the world. We can go so much farther as a team than we ever could alone.