There is nothing I love more than meaning behind the pieces and accessories I wear. It’s a constant reminder that while I have a passion for fashion, there is still so much more to life. There are many beautiful stories and Melt Goods is one of them. Meredith Lockhart is the woman behind it all. She radiates passion for people and has big dreams to change the lives of refugees across the world.

The idea of Melt Goods was born in the fall of 2015. Reading about the Syrian refugee crisis filled Meredith with frustration and sadness. She noticed a lot of negativity towards the refugees and felt that this was her chance to change that.

Meredith has always loved fashion and design. With her prior experiences, it was the perfect opportunity to mesh her passions together to better the community she called home.  In April of 2016, Meredith launched her company in Dallas. She works with two refugee women who help create and make products for Melt Goods. She hopes to gain support and expand her products allow for opportunities for other refugees.

The name comes from the act of melting down pieces to create something beautiful. The melting pot of cultures and backgrounds is the foundation of Melt Goods. Meredith’s goal is to melt away oppressions of the past and empower and enable refugee families in the present and future. These people have experienced some of the worst this world has to offer, and this as an opportunity for them rebuild and heal. It doesn’t take much time to see how much these women have grown in the short amount of time Melt Goods has existed. Meredith continues to see beauty come from stories of hurt.

She intentionally created a bright and cheerful brand because Melt Goods is a celebration. While less than 1% of those who flee their country are able to resettle into a safe, new home, Meredith works with two incredible women who have, against all odds, beaten that statistic. Her excitement for them and their accomplishments is contagious. These women are now family to Meredith. She will stop at nothing to see them bear the fruit of God’s love through the success of Melt Goods.

There are over 10,000 refugees just in the Dallas area, and behind every refugee, there is a family. Melt Goods can not only help create sustainability for these refugees but give them hope. Hope to buy a house, send their children to college, and create happy memories. Meredith is optimistic that Melt Goods can change the lives of these families and those willing to come along for the journey. Refugees are intelligent, kind, generous, and humble. So many waiting for a chance for love, hope, and a better life. This is for those who have survived oppression and pain and deserve the hope that we are graced with every day.