Fall brings so much change–the leaves, the miraculously cool weather, and the transition to hot coffee. I find myself wanting to push to try new things and shake up my daily routine. This fall, I have rediscovered albums that have been buried for a while and found fresh albums that challenge my typical normal music boundaries. So, after much consideration, I have cautiously picked albums that I can’t seem to take off my fall playlist.

Here are my top five albums that you won’t want to put down:

1. Let Me Get By -Tedeschi Trucks Band (2016): This album totally and completely satisfies my jam band nostalgia. This powerful 12-piece band brings serious powerhouse female vocals, incomprehensible guitar solos, and a jazzy horn section (because why not?). This is a perfect road trip album.Tedeschi Trucks Band- NPR Tiny Desk Concert

2.Folk Hop N’ Roll -Judah & the Lion (2016): I have never encountered such a masterful and modern combination of genres. Take one listen, and it is obvious that these boys are forging their own sound pathway. Catchy lyrics, unexpected beats, and crowd vocals make it impossible not to get lost in the energy of this record.Take It All Back 2.0-Judah & the Lion

3. Side Pony -Lake Street Dive (2016): This album brings together angsty lyrics and upbeat rhythms with a modern nod to 1960s rock-n-roll. The female vocals on this record cut through each track like butter. This album is a one to listen on a girls’ night…or if you need to get over a breakup. Cue the Ben and Jerry’s ice cream pints.I Don’t Care About You-Lake Street Dive

4. A/B -Kaleo (2016): There are moments when it seems like rock-n-roll has died, and then an album like this brings some serious Led Zeppelin vibes and restores hope in the grunge/rock world. Every song brings something different to the table. Each one seems to show a different musical side of the band. You can feel the intensity and passion throughout the record. Listen to this one while you’re doing something late at night: homework, late-night emails, night drive, etc.I Don’t Care About You-Lake Street Dive

5. Venus (Acoustic) -Joy Williams (2016): There are few artists that are as vulnerable as Joy Williams. You will soak up every single syllable in her music. Warning: The album leaves you hungry for more. Take the time to allow your raw emotions and creativity to flow freely when you listen to this record.Sweet Love of Mine (Acoustic) -Joy Williams

Each of these albums has the ability to captivate the attention of its audience. Take a moment to immerse yourself into the heart of these records. Enjoy every part of this fall and embrace the changes this sweet season brings.