When I get to the end of my life, I don’t need to be known for anything other than having loved people well.  I don’t want fame.  And as much as I look forward to being out of that “making ends meet” season of life, I know fortune won’t satisfy me either.

I don’t want to leave a legacy of what I was against.  I want to leave a known for what I stood for.

My biggest hope is that I will be known for the way I loved, this is my dream.  I want to be known for friendships that ran deep and love that was intentional.  But you know what?  This takes time.  It takes time and the discipline of cultivating. And it takes choosing to love, even when its tough.

It takes intentionality when it’s hard.  It takes holding back when you have that quick, snide remark on the tip of your tongue.  It takes moving forward when you are two imperfect people, but choosing to see the gold in one another.

So cheers to investing in one another and loving well.  We all want those life-long besties, that home team, the cheerleaders who are always there.  But the truth of the matter is that those friends don’t just magically appear out of thin air.  It takes getting vulnerable, sacrificing your time when lending a helping hand isn’t convenient, and just plain showing up when it matters.

May we, at Radiant, cheer you on as you invest in meaningful friendships. May we be a group of women that empowers you to love well.