Every work environment requires you to get comfortable with the reality of uncomfortable situations. Unless you have managed to find a career path that has you completely isolated, you will have to interact with people on a regular basis. The likelihood of conflict is high, considering most of us spend more time in the workplace than we do at home. And yet, few of us experience these confrontations face to face, which is a true tragedy.

Tragedy?” You are probably thinking. “Sounds like a dream come true to me.” Technology has made us too comfortable with email and text message conversations that allow us to hide behind a screen and carefully craft our responses, without ever having to make eye contact with the other person.

Likely, the next time you do see the person face to face, both of you will act as if the conflict never happened. While this dialogue provides temporary comfort, do we stop to consider how avoiding conflict in the workplace impacts other areas of our lives?

As we grew to adulthood, we had at least twelve years of school to interact with our peers in a plethora of social situations. Yet, as adults, we don’t have as many opportunities to hone our communication skills. Work demands most of our time outside of the home. So, it is crucial that our experiences have a positive impact on our closest relationships. We choose to dodge conflict and difficult conversation in the workplace. What will happen when we come home and face a similar situation that we’ve trained ourselves to avoid? A little tip – it’s not going to go well.
The ability to confront and resolve difficult situations in person is like exercising a muscle. It’s going to be painful and challenging. You might feel a little bit sore for the following days, but it’s ultimately going to make you stronger. Direct conversation will strengthen your communication skills. These confrontations will help you to avoid miscommunication and offense. 
In times of conflict, digital communication prolongs discord because both parties make assumptions.
Do yourself a favor, and make the next confrontation in your life a face-to-face one. It will be uncomfortable in the moment, but so worth it in the long run.