We’ve all been there. You’re headed to dinner with a friend and have no idea if you’re supposed to go more casual or dressy. You’re headed to an outdoor event and want to look stylish, but realized it’s supposed to be 88 with 90% humidity – YUCK! Or, maybe you just woke up late and have a million errands to run, but want to leave your house looking like you’ve actually put some thought into your outfit. These scenarios have one answer… a romper!

Wearing a romper is one of my favorite go-to outfit options, but finding that perfect piece is not always as easy as it seems. Here are three things to consider next time you’re on the hunt.

1. Be confident. Rompers can be intimidating. For me, it took many failed attempts in the dressing room to find a piece that looked great. For others, the thought of pulling off this trend haunts them, so they refrain from even pulling one off the rack. We convince ourselves that our “body type” just isn’t made for this style, but YOU have the body to pull this look off. Find your best features and use this as an opportunity to highlight them. You may want to try a plunging neckline, a halter to show off your shoulders, or something with an open back. Be confident in your ability to look amazing by showing off what you love most about yourself!

2. Consider your accessories. Rompers inherently seem like easy outfits. You don’t have to worry about which bottom matches which top or whether to wear pants or shorts. But as you stand to study your reflection, you realize it isn’t quite as easy as the one-piece you wore sipping a margarita in Mexico. Nothing is worse than bringing home a piece you were dying to buy, only to realize you need to purchase three other items just to make an outfit. Next time you’re in the dressing room, think about those items hanging in your closet. What do you already have that can make this romper an asset rather than just an addition?

3. Keep it classy. Rompers come in all shapes and styles. Next time you’re browsing the rack, look for a piece that will help you accentuate your natural waist. Maybe it’s a wrap waist, tie waist, or even elastic. We all have torsos of different lengths, so pick one that hits at the right spot and go from there. Second, don’t forget about length. We want to make sure our lower half stays covered while adding some height and showing off some leg. Find a piece that fits the bottom half just as well as the top. This may mean going up or down a size, but don’t fret! You’ll be glad you tried on a few more sizes to ensure the best fit.

Finding an outfit that is easy and versatile it not always a stress-free task; but with these tips in mind, I hope your ready to try on that romper you’ve been eyeing, rather than leaving it on the rack. This may take a few tries, but don’t lose hope! Just keep these strategies in mind next time you head to the dressing room!