It was right around the beginning of 2015 that I began to take my health & fitness more seriously than ever before. Through many hours of prayer, I had to accept the realization that I had a scarily unhealthy relationship with food. I went through tumultuous cycles of gluttony and neglect followed by seasons of starvation and excessive workouts. I was in desperate need for a change, and God answered my prayers with a community of women that were for me and for seeing me to victory. Getting involved in a Christ-centered accountability group was the single factor that changed everything for me. I began to take the focus off myself and my personal shortcomings and focus on giving God the glory in every step of my journey. Can I just say what a lifted burden it was to be able to work toward something to glorify God versus my flesh? I always felt like I was failing, like I just couldn’t get it right.

When my mindset shifted from glorification of self to glorification of the cross, I started to enjoy the process a little bit more. My relationship with food and exercise and, more importantly, my Lord and Savior was radically different, and as a result — I lost weight. Friends, the shopping for smaller clothes is just the icing on the cake! The cake is looking forward to a workout because God has transformed my mindset. The cake is choosing His comfort over emotional eating. The cake is giving Him the glory after an insane training day! This is a physically and spiritually healthier way of living that I want everyone to experience!

“Your best weight is whatever weight you reach when you’re living the healthiest life you actually enjoy living and bringing God glory.”

As I started losing weight, people started noticing, but no one wanted to talk about the God-side of it. Everyone just wanted to know what my goal weight was. Listen, I believe in setting goals, and I believe in crushing them. But putting all my hope and purpose on a scale that measures how much gravity is pulling down on me? I refuse to let a number define my hard work! I don’t care if I am 200 pounds or 120 pounds. I care that I am honoring God with my body, treating it as a temple, walking in obedience to the healthy life that He calls us to, and eating from His earth.

When it comes to health and fitness, many reference the verses about treating your body as a holy temple or a living sacrifice. Although for me, Matthew 6:33 rings truer and truer every day.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and all else shall be added to you. 

When I set my heart on bringing Him glory and honoring Him with my food choices, the smaller waistline ensued. But our waistlines can never be our only focus! When we set our hearts on transforming our inner selves, the physical and outward transformation will be added to us. Now when people ask me what my goal weight is, I can proudly answer: healthy.

There will always be pounds or inches to lose, but there’s even more to gain:
– Self Love
– New Lifestyle
– Healthier Habits
– Deeper connection with Christ

If you would like to talk more about how I personally champion women to their health and fitness goals for the glory of God, let’s connect! I run monthly faith & fitness accountability groups designed to equip women to live out a healthier lifestyle that radiates love, joy, and strength. The next group won’t be complete without you!