The old me wore false lashes every single day.
Talk about annoying, dreadful, painful, bacteria, and let’s not forget to mention the multiple natural eyelashes I would pull out every time I tried to remove my falsies. I was over it.
So I have a few tricks up my sleeve that I would love to share with you lovely ladies. Well, let’s be honest, Pinterest gave me the idea but at least I did a test trial for you ;).
Might I mention here, some things you see on Pinterest you absolutely cannot trust. Long story short, I had a client who tried a Pinterest acne mask treatment that was a homemade recipe and she got third-degree burns on her face. And yes, I was mortified when she told me this.
With that being said, always be careful and Google the recipe or the ingredients before you directly put anything onto your skin. Let’s get back to lashes, shall we? 
For thicker lashes, this tip is easy to purchase and apply. All you need is a disposable mascara wand and loose powder. First, roll the clean, dry mascara wand in the loose powder and then tap the excess powder off of the wand by tapping the base of the wand against the loose powder container so that you do not create a mess. Then, sweep the wand through your lashes. I personally brush my lashes with the wand vertically and horizontally to make sure I cover all of my lashes. Once they are coated, apply your mascara. And wah-la, thicker fuller lashes in one quick motion.
Now let’s talk about growing your lashes longer and stronger. I recommend this to be an overnight project. You can use any type of smaller container with a lid to keep your concoction safe from leaking. Fill 1/4 of your container with castor oil, 1/2 with vitamin E oil, and 1/4 with aloe Vera gel. Once you have mixed the three ingredients together, stir with your clean mascara wand and apply to clean lashes. Allow it to sit overnight on your natural lashes.
The Castor oil thickens your lashes; the Aloe Vera lengthens your lashes, and the vitamin E helps to accelerate a more rapid growth for your lashes. Keep in mind you will not see change overnight, but within a month of consistent use, you will see a difference. Keep me posted please on your results — I love hearing feedback!
Also, I always remind people that if you have any type of allergic reaction or irritation, immediately stop using the product. No beauty tip is worth that amount of pain.
Always know that you are beautiful the way you are. These are just beauty tips I love that help enhance natural beauty!