If you’re like me, the things you purchase to line the walls of your closet are investments. You do your research, fill in the gaps, and search for those “one of a kind” items to complete your collection. Being intentional with what you buy to create your “wardrobe” can make all the difference. You’ll look back and realize that you not only saved money, but you have pieces that go with almost everything in your closet, and you feel good wearing them!

Today, I’ll be sharing my top three pieces that I truly believe every girl should have in their arsenal, without breaking the bank. These pieces are versatile. They’ll dress any outfit up or down, they are investments, and they can be a reflection of you!

Number one: A good wedge.

Whether you’re planning on spending $20 or $200, you can find a perfect wedge. I bought a pair of cognac brown Steve Madden wedges from Nordstrom two years ago and wore them with everything. About a week after I bought them, a similar style was sitting on the shelf at Target for half of the price!

Regardless, they were always the shoe I reached for in my closet, and frankly, they never made it back on my shoe rack long enough to have a permanent spot. After much wear and tear, I decided it was time for a newer, less scraped up pair to add to the collection. I recently purchased the gray BP wedge from Nordstrom, and I couldn’t be happier! The gray not only matches anything, but it also has that same so-comfortable-I-can-wear-them-all-day feeling my last ones did! You’ll want to slip them on with jeans and a cotton top to dress it up, or even a semi-fancy dress to bring it down a notch. Figure out what style you like, and take the time to search. That way, you’ll find a style that completes your outfit and maximizes your budget!

Number two: A good jean.

White, black, blue, purple, whatever your style is, find a jean you love, and don’t be scared to say “no” until you find the right pair! I’ve learned over time that when developing my wardrobe, I always like to have a pair of black, blue, and white jeans in my closet. To me, jeans are like the ice cream to a sundae. When you begin to build that delicious treat, you always start with the scoops of ice cream. Without the base, all you have is a bowl of toppings.

Again, you don’t have to break the bank for the perfect pair, but do take the time to find one you feel great in. Trust me, I’ve had my fair share of tantrums in the fitting room, trying to find a pair of jeans that look “amazing” AND on a budget! It’s not always easy, but when you do, you may feel the urge to buy ten pairs, so you never have to jean shop again in your life. I’ll be sharing more about my favorite brands and fits in the future, so if you haven’t found your dream pair, don’t lose hope! It may just take a couple of fitting room tantrums to get there.

Number three: Accessories that can change any outfit.

Regardless of what accessory strikes your fancy, to get the most bang for your buck, strive to find pieces that you’ll wear with at least 50% of your closet. For me, it’s always a pair of gold earrings, a gold necklace, a watch, and a clutch. I could have those four accessories for life and be completely satisfied with every outfit. Currently, I’m really into Kendra Scott jewelry. Her line focuses on straightforward statement pieces, and some styles even give you the freedom to choose the color! They are always my go-to and make amazing gifts!

BP at Nordstrom and Forever21 always have cute, trendy pieces for any budget! There will always be jewelry trends, but sometimes it’s ok to stick to the classic, timeless statement pieces that have the versatility you’ll pay the price for. I promise your outfit will thank you later!