I can remember the moment like it was yesterday.

I was in 7th grade, had permed hair, and was all kinds of awkward. My Asian grandmother lived with us in our ranch-style Tennessee home, and she always greeted me at the door when I came home from school. However, on this particular day, she stared at me with a questioning face, which wasn’t out of character for her sassy nature. I walked through the door eager to greet her, then heard the following words come out of her mouth (insert Asian accent here). “Do you live on the streets? Are you a hobo!?” Well hello to you too, I thought, but quickly caught onto her comment after getting a good glimpse of my outfit in the mirror. I had on a tight “baby tee” from Aeropostale, a cross-body hobo cloth bag that hung lower than my knees, and a pair of jeans with three holes in them. Somehow I had bought into the trend of hobo bags and ripped jeans without any second thought, but was it silly? Or maybe, did I just not know how to wear it?

After that encounter, my days of ripped jeans quickly dissipated but have since returned, bigger and better than ever. Whether they complete your “chic” or “hobo” look, this style is a trend that can be found in several different arenas. I’m going to give you my top looks to master any ripped jean style, so you can leave the house confident you did it right (and not get scolded by your grandma).

The Boyfriend Jean: One of my all-time favorite pieces to wear is a boyfriend ripped jean, white short sleeve shirt, and sandals. It’s truly effortless and can always be paired with a sweater and tote. It’s not only the perfect travel outfit, but also a look I can throw on with some heels and a blazer and go out to dinner. The Boyfriend fit is a bolder option, and you may find that extra searching is appropriate. Some boyfriend jeans have a tighter fit, while others can be baggier, giving you a more hobo chic look. Whichever you choose, try this trend with a light wash jean for a summer look you’ll be sure to love!

The Skinny Jean: This jean is perfect for any occasion. I normally have more skinny jeans than any other article of clothing in my closet at all times because I love the way they look on everyone. They can be your go-to jean for the office with a tank, blazer, and heels, or perfect for brunch out with the girls with a classic blouse and bold statement earrings. These jeans are also perfect for any season; whether you want to pair them with a crop top or a sweater, booties or wedges, you can do anything your style heart desires. My favorite look with ripped skinnies it a chiffon blouse, bold jewelry, and open-toe booties. Pair this look with a casual clutch, and you’ve found your go-to outfit for the summer.

The Ankle Jean: This is a trend within a trend that has been very popular this season. People everywhere are loving the ankle jean, and adding that ripped element will give you another amazing look for the summer. Be mindful of length with ankle jeans, as they tend to come high on those that are tall and longer on those that are shorter. No matter your height, you can still rock this look, just do some trying on before you commit! My favorite look with the ankle jean is a cotton off-the-shoulder top and wedges. With these jeans coming in at a short length on my 5’9” frame, I try to add some height with my shoes to create an elongated silhouette!

Ripped jeans don’t have to only show off a “hobo” style, as my Nana-san would say. They can take on any role, depending on how you dress them! Mix it up by trying different colored jeans or different washes, setting your look apart from all of the rest!