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Review: Motorbunny Buck

It thrusts, it vibrates, and it does it all in a ton of positions. But it has a price tag to match.
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Motorbunny Buck
Photograph: Motorbunny
Motorbunny Buck
Multiple Buying Options Available

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Compact! Fits in a closet. Myriad attachment options. Supports many positions and body types. Easy to clean. Incredibly powerful vibration. Strong (but not overwhelming) thrusting motor.
High sticker price, though reasonable for its value. Can require a lot of setup. Smaller attachments would be welcome.

Most sex toys are small and (relatively) inexpensive for a reason. Everyone’s body is different, and even a highly-rated toy can be a risk if it doesn’t … er, do it for you. Plus, the more complicated a device is, the harder it is to muster the motivation to break it out. All that makes the $1,650 Motorbunny Buck a tough sell. Yet I find myself sold.

The Motorbunny Buck is a Sybian-style sex toy. For the unfamiliar, these devices consist of a half-circle saddle with a vibrating seat on top. The seat can be fitted with several different attachments, most of which include an insertable component for internal stimulation. (The term “Sybian” is a bit like Kleenex in that it’s a brand, but you also might have heard it used as a generic term for similar devices.)

What makes the Buck unique, however, is that it can also thrust. A second, separate motor inside this Motorbunny provides a back-and-forth motion behind its phallic attachments. Not only does this add a whole new dimension to the experience, but it means the Buck is one of the few devices out there that can do the job of other sex machines.

Combined with a host of bells and whistles—including a wedge for horizontal use, some bondage eyelets, and remote control via a phone app—the Motorbunny Buck makes the strongest possible case for a sex machine. If you were in the market for one that costs almost as much as an average month of rent, that is.

Fear Factor
Photograph: Motorbunny

Before we even get into the specifics about how the Motorbunny Buck works, we have to talk about its psychological impact. Perhaps you’ve seen a device like it in porn. Maybe you’ve stumbled upon it on a sex toy site. But there’s nothing quite like seeing (and hearing) it in person.

In addition to testing it myself, I asked my partners—both cis women—if they would be interested in trying it out. They were both interested, but also intimidated. This isn’t quite like trying a new vibrator or suction toy. On separate occasions, I sat with each of them to show them the different attachments and demonstrate the thrusting and vibration functions.

“It sounds like a jet engine,” one of my partners said.

She wasn’t wrong. The Link controller—a physical box that controls the vibration and thrusting—has two large dials that, naturally, go to 11. But even in the middle of the range on the vibration knob, the device shook so hard that there was no way for our downstairs neighbors couldn’t hear it through the ceiling. This thing is not discreet.

Most of the attachments are also rather, uh, generous. There are three basic attachments: a flat attachment, which, contrary to its name, has a small mound that can be used for grinding without penetration; the Sweet Spot, which is smaller, at 4.45 inches, with a slightly curved tip; and the girthier Thumper, which the company says measures 5.32 inches but to my eye seems a bit longer. The attachments are made of silicone and easy to remove, making clean-up simple.

The kit also comes with a Vac-U-Lock seat, which can be used to swap out any of over a dozen additional dildo attachments. Doing so involves using special Vac-U-Powder (the kit comes with only a small amount of it), but the smallest available options are still 6 inches. Your individual mileage may vary, but everyone I spoke to or who tried this device would welcome some less overwhelming options. If you'd rather not bother with the Vac-U-Lock system, the Buck is $100 cheaper on Amazon.

All that said, the Buck’s bark is worse than its bite. It may look intimidating, but thanks to some of the smaller included attachments, both of my partners (and myself) enjoyed the machine. While the dials may go up to 11, you don’t have to crank them that high, and the more moderate levels in between were comfortably stimulating without being painful or desensitizing.

For Every Body And Position

What surprised me most about the Motorbunny Buck was that, while saddle machines are typically designed for stimulating a person’s vagina, vulva, or clitoris, this device isn’t so limited. The Sweet Spot attachment has a curve that makes it ideal for prostate stimulation, and the included instructions make repeated mention of using the device for not only anal stimulation, but specifically simulation of the prostate (or “P-Spot” as the guide calls it).

It’s a remarkably inclusive approach, and one that’s reflected in the design of the machine. Most notably, the Buck has two adapters—called “toggles”—to control the thrusting motion. One creates a straightforward thrusting motion, while the “G-Thrust” toggle thrusts both up and forward. While Motorbunny’s instructions say the latter is designed to thrust toward the G- or P-spot, it’s most useful for allowing a person to lean forward or even lie down while still straddling the saddle.

The included right-angle wedge also allows you to set the machine up on its side. In this position, you can lie on your back and allow the machine to thrust inside you. One of my partners, who says she gets more out of penetrative sex, preferred this position the most since it allowed her to relax and not try to keep her entire body weight from resting down onto the machine.

My other partner, however, prefers more clitoral stimulation and doesn’t get quite as much pleasure directly from penetration. While she still preferred laying down, using the wedge to orient the device emphasizes thrusting more than the vibration. For her, it was more comfortable to leave the device flat and lean forward and grind on the machine.

She also found the flat attachment’s mound a little too firm. Motorbunny sells a rabbit-style attachment, though it also has a rather substantial 5-inch girth, and it wasn’t included in the package so we didn’t test it. The firmness notwithstanding, the vibration sensations were intense, and once she got acclimated to the machine, she also had no trouble enjoying herself.

Between the three of us, we tried the machine in several different combinations of positions and attachments, and we each found something we enjoyed. That's remarkable, given our differences in both preferences and anatomy. For my part, I was shocked to discover how good the vibrations felt while being penetrated. The only thing the Motorbunny Buck couldn’t do was stroke or directly stimulate my penis, but even then, there was still room to use my hands while on the device.

Reduce and Reuse
Photograph: Motorbunny

There’s so much to explore with the basic functions of the Buck that it’s easy to forget all of the value-adds that it brings to the table. The Motorbunny Link app lets you control the machine remotely—either in the same room, or from across the country—as well as play with different patterns or vibrate/thrust to the beat of some music. (Personally, I found most of these functions superfluous, but they worked and were interesting!)

Then there’s the four bondage eyelets, two on the front and two on the back of the saddle. Motorbunny sells a (rather expensive) forced orgasm belt designed to keep a partner attached to the device until released. But the eyelets can be used with pretty much any typical bondage cuffs, rope, or anything else used to tie a partner down.

It should be noted that anyone attempting to combine bondage with the Buck should try using it first without any restraints. Given how large many of the attachments are, it’s not difficult for the thrusting motor to hit someone’s cervix. This is especially true if you sit on top of the device, since the only real way to prevent impact is to lift yourself off of it. If you’re strapped in, that can cause some problems. So make sure you’re comfortable before escalating.

That said, it’s uncanny how many ways there are to play with this machine. The standard Motorbunny costs $1,000 (and the Sybian is even more expensive), but neither have a thrusting option. Meanwhile, thrusting sex machines alone can also cost several hundred dollars, and most are much bulkier, both to use and store. The Buck may be one of the most expensive machines you can get, but it also performs the function of several devices that can be equally if not more expensive when bought separately. And it's smaller than half of those.

It also crosses the most crucial threshold that a four-figure sex toy has to pass: It’s likely to be used again. The insanely powerful motors deliver sensations that you simply can’t get from vibrators alone. It’s versatile enough that if you’re not comfortable in one position, you can try it in another and probably find one you like. Best of all, when you’re done, it tucks neatly into a corner of your closet.

Do you need to spend $1,650 on a sex machine? Obviously not. That’s enough money to buy the vast majority of our best sex toy picks combined. However, if you’ve ever wanted a sex machine, and you’re willing to stretch your budget to get one, it’s hard to top the bang for your buck—several puns intended.