If you love the Enneagram then you’ll love this post. Maybe.

Back Story: what is the Ennagram anyway? The enneagram is a personality type system based off 9 personality types that are all inter connected in the system. When testing for your type number you will also find two other personality types that you swing to in stress and health, meaning that you display more characteristics of these numbers when under stress or when you are in a health place. The enneagram is as complex as it its simple so for further information go to https://www.enneagraminstitute.com.

The greatest take away you’ll gain from the enneagram is learning about the your personality number. I’m a type nine; the peacemaker. The Enneagram Institute describes nines as the easygoing, self-effacing, receptive, reassuring agreeable, and complacent. When reading the enneagram type list traits of type nine’s I found a sense of belonging in the world. Learning more about who I am as an individual, In regards to my personality, was reassuring for me. It provided me with a blueprint of who I am and how I was created, allowing me to understand they why behind things that I feel and do. Learning about my personality from a lenses of the enneagram helped me to further understand the need for self-care.

In addition to your basic personality number, the enneagram attaches  the numbers you go to in stress and in health. In health I swing towards a type three; adaptive, driven, and image-conscious. In stress I swing towards a type six; engaging, responsible, and suspicious. Learning that my personality does adapt to stress and health in my life provided me with a field guide for self-care. There are traits that are true to who I am that can point me toward finding balance in my day to day life. If I’m resounding more with a type six, I know I need to work on reducing stress in my life. If I’m identifying with a type three, I find areas that I am doing great in. Self-care in regards to your enneagram number become an act of balancing both your number in stress and in health.

Balance. Balance is the theme of the enneagram. How do you learn to balance your number and the wings you wing from in stress and in health? Introspection. Looking inward at your life and the traits that you are displaying. If you feel like you’re swinging for a number that you go to in stress then work on ways to provide more balance in your life. Do you feel like you are displaying