Let’s just talk about how amazing summer vacation is….

I remember when I was in high school, I would spend half the year discussing how I could not wait for the temperature to increase, the sun to be out and most importantly – having no school for six weeks. And then I would spend the other half of the year missing the life of no school, no exams and the crazy memories of what happened.

Being an adult and having ‘Summer Holidays’ is totally not the same. It consists of requesting time off work or working 9-5 during the hottest days of the year (they never educate you about this when you are younger). In contrast, my baby sister finishes exams and goes summer shopping, gets ready for summer camps that will change her life, and doesn’t have a 5:45 AM alarm set.

Adulting is hard. Someone, please write a book on the woes of adulthood like when you realize time off sometimes consists of you not getting paid, but payments still need to be made; holidays that cost so much money it makes you forget how important it is to holiday and see the world; how you forget what sleeping in past 5:45 am alarms feels like and not having any to-do lists. (There’s probably already a book written, lol. Actually, if you know of one, you should comment below with the title. Thanks.)

Working, making a living and building a platform/foundation is so important, but taking some time off work is important too.

For our souls, I think it’s good to look forward to getting away, to feel like a high school student awaiting their summer holidays once in a while. Here are some thoughts on how to make ‘holidaying’ easier for us adults:  

  1. Have a holiday fund. Sometimes it’s not that easy to book holidays in advance but setting some money aside every week or every month toward a trip away or holiday will make it easier when it comes to booking it.
  2. Holidays alone are okay; sometimes it’s not easy to find someone on the same schedule as you – that doesn’t mean you should deny yourself some time off.
  3. Holidays aren’t just the ones that require a plane flight. It can be a train or drive to the closest city or cutest village; check yourself into a hotel or an Airbnb and have some time away from work.