I few post back I wrote about being tired in this season, and how sometimes it’s okay to just feel tired. But with that, allowing room and flexibility for you to breathe and recoup. I wanted to take the time to sympathize with this feeling because it’s frustrating. I also wanted to encourage us to be okay with feeling so human and to love ourselves through these seasons.

This idea of exhaustion has still been weighing on me, possibly because I’m in and out of experiencing it and mentally I am extremely done with it. So this is a sweep of encouragement with a kick to the butt.

In the previous post, I encouraged an idea of space, allowing flexibility and balance within your life, but that also had me pondering: Now that we’ve created some space, what’s happening within it?

Now that I’ve created this space, I seem to be filling my life with unimportant things: endless amounts of Netflix fill up my time and high activity of social media – then some time down the line I find myself exhausted, again.


Why? Simply because I was not filling my space with fuel for my mind and soul.

100% of the time, I know I need Jesus, but I do not give enough time for Him. Then, I find myself within this cycle, saying, “I’m tired, so when I get home, I’ll put Netflix on, go to sleep, and then repeat it all over again tomorrow.”

Enough is enough.

Talitha Cumi, little girl; I say to you arise!

This phrase is everything. Do you ever feel like you just cannot afford to be tired anymore – yep, that’s me currently.

Within saying that, I get you are tired, I am tired too, but what are you doing with that space you’ve created? Have you allowed some room for Him to heal you from whatever it is that is causing this, from the seasons in life, sometimes from the humans that surround you, or from the illness you have suffered – or just from L I F E?

I sympathize with you, but slumbers aren’t pretty.

So Talitha Cumi, friends.