There’s no reason we should have to jump through hoops for friendship. Jessica Reinhart felt the same and created Lumitory, a company on a mission to help us do life together. Reinhart and her husband were in search of a more balanced, purpose-filled life and they believed community was the best way to make that happen for them and their family. She is passionate about making a positive impact in the world and loves mentoring others on how to do the same. Hope you enjoy learning more about Jessica and her heart behind Lumitory.


What does Lumitory mean?

The name “Lumitory” is inspired by two words: LUMINOUS (adj.) full of or shedding light. bright and shining, especially in the dark. enlightened. + STORY (n.) an account of events in a person’s life. the evolution of something.

What inspired you to start Lumitory?

So much of what we’re doing with Lumitory is inspired by life experiences. A few years ago, we joined a small group that gathers together once a week. Each week, we’ve gotten together to study the word, break bread and do life. That experience has been a tremendous blessing that has enriched our lives in so many ways, and it definitely served as a catalyst for what we’re doing now.

Through that experience, I found myself wishing everyone could feel the rich sense of connection that we all feel to one another, and somewhere along the way God lit a fuse in my heart to try to find a way to make that possible. We wanted to create something that would make it easy to host experiential gatherings, where you can get to know others better on a personal level, whether it’s with people you already know well or those who you hope to get to know better. We realized that there wasn’t anything out there like what we had in mind, and so the idea for Gathering Box was born. What we provide is the foundation to make it easy to gather, but our hope is that it serves as an opportunity to invite others into your home and leads to a deeper sense of connection and community in your life.

Creating a strong sense of community is such a key element of leading a fulfilling life. We’re designed to do life together, but we also live in a fast-paced world that’s becoming increasingly more focused on connection through technology than it is on making face-to-face connections. We want to be part of changing that, and we believe that at the foundational level it starts with cultivating strong relationships and surrounding yourself with people who will inspire and encourage you on your journey.

What was the biggest problem you saw in community life for Millennials?

Honestly, Millennials are being pulled in all directions. On one hand, they’re expected to be incredibly tech savvy, hyper-connected on social media and living fast-paced lives. On the other, they crave authentic relationships with others, value trust above all else and long to experience life fully on their own terms. Sure, most of us feel the same way to some degree, but Millennials are actively seeking out unique, thoughtful solutions. They won’t settle for surface experiences and half-hearted conversations. They want community that really gets to the heart of how other people work and, in doing so, share meaningful connections with others who inspire them.

The Gathering Box is the foundational product of your company, tell us more about it.

The name gives so much of it away. It was inspired as an easy way to gather together the essentials for hosting epic get-togethers. We wanted each box to overflow with all the elements needed to make it easy to host amazing gatherings. Our vision is to make the entire experience fun and memorable, so you can strengthen your sense of community and deepen your connection to others in meaningful ways.

Why are shared meals essential to creating community?

Breaking bread with others, meeting them where they are, looking eye-to-eye into their world . . . there is no substitute for a shared table experience where everyone feels welcome. You learn what sets them on fire, discover stories that change you as a person, see things from different perspectives and create new memories together. I truly believe we could solve many of the world’s problems if we took more time to gather around the table and invest in one another’s lives in these simple but meaningful ways.

What is your favorite way to connect with your friends?

What a great question! I would say that catching up over a meal is my all-time favorite. I can welcome them into my home, make sure they’re well fed, hear about their successes and challenges, and really invest in connecting in a meaningful way.

Lumitory gives back–what was the vision behind giving some of your profit away?

We believe that community expands beyond our doorstep, our neighborhood and our comfort zone. We want all people to feel connected to this mission, and that’s why we pay forward 10% of net proceeds from each box to worthy causes. Our giveback model is based on the principle of first fruits and sharing blessings.

What is one piece of advice you would offer to help women engage with their community?

Share your gifts. If you have the gift of hospitality, use it to open your home. If you have the gift of administration, partner with others to make things go smoothly. If you have the gift of exhortation, use it to rally the troops and get everyone together.

We each come to the table bearing different gifts, but when we work together, amazing things can happen!

To learn more about Lumitory and snag your own Gathering Box for your next friend-event, you can visit them by clicking here.