The style I am most shocked to see on all the shelves this season is none other than the wide leg trouser jean. Don’t get me wrong, this cropped flared leg silhouette is everything to a tall gal like me, but many are scared to take it off the shelf. Understandably, I can see why. It’s a bold move, and many are unsure just how well they can pull it off. While you should always dress for your body type, wide leg trousers aren’t only for the Amazonian beauty. I have three tips to help pump up your wardrobe with a trend that is back in action.

First things first, don’t let your height get in the way of your trend confidence. Trend confidence is something we so eagerly strive for, but depending on our mental ability to picture ourselves in the latest style, we all too often fall cowardly to a fashion statement that could change our wardrobe. While cropped pants have the ability to flatter long legs, this doesn’t mean it’s a prerequisite. Think about how you can best dress the wide leg trouser jean, regardless of your height. For those who are shorter, create two distinct halves of the body. Think about creating a waist because we all know you have one. A peplum top or button up blouse with a skinny belt should be your go-to, and don’t forget the heels! It’s no secret heels can give anyone the illusion of longer legs, so don’t be scared to utilize your favorite pair.

Second, add some fringe. When I think fringe, jeans are the last thing that comes to mind. Interestingly enough, jeans have taken on this statement detail, and I couldn’t love it more. You may be imagining fringe jeans and thinking, but how? The secret with wide legs and fringe is to avoid going too drastic. It’s a subtle detail that can go a long way, especially when it comes to changing the jean game. The key is to push the fringe far enough before it takes over the entire look. How? By keeping things simple and classy. That wide leg jean with fringe can be enough stepping out of your comfort zone for one day, so stick with straight forward, classic tops that don’t scream too loud. An amazing ruffle blouse with closed toed pumps can reign the fringe in, while a moto jacket and boots can say “edgy” without taking it too far.

Third, start small and conservative. I believe two things about fashion. 1) Most trends are worth stepping out of your comfort zone for, but they are not worth paying a fortune for. 2) Trends are trends for a reason, and while the wide leg trouser jean is one of my favorites, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg to wear it. The best thing about this trend is it looks the same no matter what store you go to. Target, Gap, and even Neiman Marcus are buying into this trend because everyone loves it. It just goes to show that this trend is for everyone. The best part about it? You don’t even have to change your style or your entire wardrobe to wear them. Those tops you have sitting around, even the pair of shoes you never thought you’d wear again: they all have a place when it comes to this trend.

Wide leg trouser jeans are a trend I’m getting excited about. From their incredibly versatile abilities to their little to no financial obligation, wide leg trouser jeans are a win for any wardrobe. If you’re feeling unsure about your trend confidence, just remember it won’t get anywhere unless your push the limits. Start with what you have in your closet and think about it being an addition rather than a takeover. Your entire outfit will thank you.