He beckons me afresh, something new. Wanting to unwind me of all I know of Him, all I believe to be true. Do I allow His act of assistance, His pure kindness? I mean if someone is going to extend to you the finest, purest way of life, if you knew He was good and kind and everything offered from Him was regarded the highest of the high, how would you handle this proposal?

The thing is…comfort surrounds, thoughts are guarded, secure and organized. But often I beg for afresh, for something new to be beckoned into. To see more, to do more and I feel it softly make its way to me.

I wanted this new, this fresh, didn’t I? However to be true, very true – it’s scary because it screams unknown and its powerful and it urges me to rethink, to dig out those guarded thoughts of who I think He is, and how capable I have placed Him on my Richter scale. What is humorous is that which I have asked for is circling me excited and urging to be a part of me, to teach me and love me – but I’m brushing it away as if I didn’t just cry hard tears over requesting something new.

Imagine being five years old, and six months before Christmas you wrote your Christmas wish list to Santa and sent it to him; making sure those months leading up to Christmas you were on your best behavior. Then on Christmas day, you sat there with the number of wrapped presents as on your list, and then you are too scared to go near them let alone touch them. Doesn’t sound right? I don’t think any of us did that on Christmas day when we were 5; I believe we woke up our parents at ungodly morning hours and made sure we opened them, creating a mess all over the floor.

These thoughts have been circling my mind.

You ask for something for so long, so persistently and then you receive it, and you’re scared to go after that which you asked for. This probably doesn’t happen with Christmas presents or birthday presents, but possibly with God. Maybe you’ve been praying and waiting for the right time to make a move to the big city or a small city, or maybe it’s a career change. It could be stepping into a new realm of knowing and understanding God.

What I can tell you is that the thousands of prayers and desires you have laid on the table before Him, He has them all in a list under your name and has them organized for the right time and place in your life.

First, let’s stop being shocked about it when it happens because you gave it to Him, He is faithful till the end. Second, step out and go for it when the right time comes. What good is it, sitting back in fear. After all, He will save you if you make an uncanny move. Third, it’s rude not to accept the gift and apply some gratitude into it.

I have allowed limitations in my mind of who God is, of our partnership and relationship. I often also let my fear play out for too long. Go after that which you asked for. Always allow the fresh beckon to shower your every being, and never be okay with the idea that you know enough about Him – there’s always more to discover.