New Year’s Eve I took a nap before midnight. I woke up to watch some fireworks displayed somewhere in the world and then counted down as soon as those double digits ran to singles. It struck 2017, I had a glass of bubbly with my company, and then I went home to sleep.

I would love to say that when I started this year, I was full of energy and life, but the reality is…. I was tired.

Unfortunately, life doesn’t slow down just because you’ve moved countries, for holidays, or simply because you feel like you need a break. Life runs its race and sometimes feels like you are attached by rope and being pulled (or dragged) behind it.

At the beginning of this year I thought to myself, “Am I going to make it through the first half of this year?” I was exhausted and honestly felt scared.

I don’t think there is a perfect cure for tiredness, but this time especially I have been working on some soul/body remedies to keep me going…

  1. Keep going. It may not look like the capacity you are used to doing, that’s okay, but the aim is to not quit. My bathroom may only get cleaned twice in a month, but I cleaned it right!

2.Listen, to yourself of course. If you are getting sick, physically falling asleep all over the place, that is your body screaming for you to give it a break. So then give it a break. However, sometimes we have voices in our heads that say this stupid and pointless, “just give up” statements – don’t listen to those voices. They are filled with sprinkles of doubt and dashes of fear; they do not deserve your attention.

3.Flexibility and Balance, allowing every area of your life to have some wiggle room without any condemnation or judgment from yourself for not seeming to be the “I have it all together” human. The ability to look at your diary and say, if need be some of these things will and can be moved around.

4.Have honesty to yourself and others. “I am not doing so well this week,” a simple phrase that can go a long way.

5.Making sure you are doing something that makes you happy every day. If movies are your thing watch a movie while cleaning the room you haven’t tended to for weeks or treat yourself to your favorite coffee/cake or both.


We are halfway through the year now, how crazy! No matter if you started your year like me, or you are finding yourself in this position now. Girl, love yourself, in every season. This world isn’t getting easier or kinder – we need to do that to ourselves, for ourselves.