Hi reader.

Something tells me you just need to hear words of life today. I’m sitting in my car, and I can’t quench the voice that tells me someone needs encouragement injected into worn out and weary places. So here they are. Please, please, keep reading, and receive them for the truth they carry. These are not simply cliches, but realities.

I believe in you so much.

I believe in goodness and love.

I believe you should pray that prayer you have prayed so many times, one more time.

Dream that dream someone or something told you to give up on.

Reach out to that person you have been scared to talk to.

I believe you were made in the image of light, as a reflector of beauty, and there are visions and words of hope inside of you.

You are bold and braver than you think.

You are wise and stronger than you’ve noticed.

You are seated with Christ in heavenly realms, and God has time for you.

You are fun to be with.

You have everything you need.

You lack no good thing.

You will not be forsaken or disappointed.

You are in safe hands.

You are the beloved.

You are a child of God, not of darkness.

You are seen.

You are loved.

You are known.

You are not too much.

You are not too little.

You are enough.

You are free.

I believe in you.

Others believe in you.

Please believe in yourself. You’re golden.

Follow peace and receive grace,