This trend isn’t just for our active duty soldiers. Military jackets have been a style that has stuck around for quite some time. Styles may have changed, but the basics of the military jacket never get old. The best part about wearing these now is their versatility. It’s hard to find an outfit you can’t pair with this popular jacket style. Whether you’ve tried the trend or not, I have some fun ways to introduce yourself to the style or vamp up your already loved looks.

Add some edge to a dress. It doesn’t matter if it’s casual or formal. Formal, you’re thinking. Really? Sure! Who knows, maybe that evening gown could use a punch. Besides, a military jacket can guarantee you a unique look. If that’s stepping too far outside your comfort zone, start simple with a casual dress of any length and add this utility jacket style to add dimension to your outfit. Whether you’re going solid or bold with a pattern, a military jacket could give it that perfect finishing touch.

Drive home the accessories. Whether it’s a hat, earrings or sunglasses, use accessories to amplify the power of the jacket. Hats are always a fun add-on, especially if you normally don’t wear them. Sunglasses are your safest option, and grabbing a pair before you head out the door is a decision you’ll never regret. Besides, it doesn’t get more classic than a military jacket and aviators, right? My personal favorite is a pair of bold earrings. Not necessarily your first thought when it comes to accessorizing a military style jacket, but that’s the perfect reason why. Take the chance on style in a way you wouldn’t before, especially if you already have these styles in your closet!

Get with a little detail. Who said the rest of your outfit had to do the talking? Your jacket is enough to stand on its own, just make sure you don’t wear it on its own! A fun embroidered detail, a cinch at the waist, or even fun sleeves can be just enough to make your jacket stand out. High-waisted jeans, a classic t-shirt, and booties alone can give you the chance to say something with your jacket’s style. Even trying a different color rather than the typical army green may be the perfect fit for your wardrobe.

Don’t underestimate the power of a military jacket. It’s a style that can take you through all seasons and never leave you behind the trends. Whether your adding edge to your favorite dress, accessorizing to the max or focusing on the jacket detail, you’ll be sure to add some spunk to any outfit!