While many people SAY how they want to be known at the end of their lives, you must start by considering how you show up every single day. THESE are the moments that create a daily legacy, not just a lifetime one.

One of the most amazing gifts life offers is the opportunity to wake up each morning and choose how you want to live and what impact you are going to make in the world around you. The decisions you make each day add up to form your greater character and reputation in your relationships and as a person in general.

Live in congruence with your deepest held beliefs and values. Be intentional in your interactions and contributions. Lean into discomfort so you can stretch yourself and grow. Strive for success, not just a particular outcome. Always live, lead and love from a fully empowered and resonant place.

Through our relationships, work and creativity, we all want to leave the world just a bit better than we found it. Living a well-designed life, day in and day out, translates to leaving a well-designed legacy. This is where I begin with so many of my coaching clients. Before we can make and walk out good, solid goals, we first need to have a clear vision of who we are and what legacy we were born to leave.


Identify Your Top Five.

What are the five most important areas of your life? How do you want to build a legacy in those areas? Don’t overthink it! Often the first thing that comes to our minds – that “gut” reaction – is the most truthful. Evaluate whether or not you’re on the right path, and think about where your current path is leading.

Create An Action Plan.

For each area that you just identified, write down a short term and a long-term goal. If an important area of your life is your relationship with your children, a short-term goal could be taking the family out to get ice cream and intentionally leaving your phones at home so that you can create memories together. A long-term goal could be saving for your child’s college education so they don’t have the burden of student loans when the time comes.

Drop A To-Do.

Take a look at your current list of to-do’s and pick one thing that doesn’t align with your top five and just let go of it. Take the pressure off of yourself to do everything: focus on what’s most important and let go of the rest. Continue to come back to this step, and you’ll start to weed out things that keep you from focusing on your top five areas.

Put It On Paper.

Whether it’s an entry in your journal, a letter to a loved one, or a sticky note on your child’s bathroom mirror, put your thoughts and feelings down on paper…where they will last longer than texts or Facebook posts. Having tangible thoughts and memories preserved for future generations is a wonderful and practical way to build a legacy every single day.

Create a daily legacy that reflects who you want to be and your influence in all of your relationships will be transformational. Start today making every action and interaction purposefully and intentionally as it takes your closer to living the legacy you want to leave.