Confronting fear has been one of the hardest parts of my post-college journey. There is a lull that happens in your mid-twenties that can be both gratifying and terrifying. I longed for the days when all night study sessions were over, but I have to admit that the longer my daily routine grew consistent, the more I found myself anxious that the exciting times of my life were over. Eventually, I found myself afraid my life would soon be void of change and excitement that it was so full of years ago. It took some searching and prayer to realize the fear I felt was a mixture of both fact and fiction.

Fear can be unrealistic at times. Was it true that my life was slowing down? Absolutely. Was it realistic to think there would be nothing to look forward to? Absolutely not. Your mid-twenties are full of change that college doesn’t prepare you for. I had to search my life and think of all the dreams and goals that still were unfulfilled and settle on the fact that although my life wasn’t as busy as I had grown accustomed to, it was still full of change and exciting things I could yet to imagine. Whenever I feel fear creeping in, I have to challenge myself to pinpoint the unrealistic parts of fear that are present. Dispelling the unrealistic takes the sting out of fear.

Facing the facts that my fears of whatever mid- to late-twenties had to offer me was a hurdle I didn’t enjoy. Facts are, there still is a lot of unknown to the future of my life. Facts are, my determination to live the fullest life directly affects those unknowns I’m so fearful of. If I want to accomplish goals but I do nothing day-to-day to get closer to them, then they will never be realized in my life. That’s a fact.